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Patrick Mahomes and Cardale

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February 3, 2020 at 2:57pm

Just as Cardale will forever be linked with an historic—and perhaps the most amazing—3-game run in college football history, I think Patrick Mahomes will be long remembered for the unprecedented postseason 3-game-stretch he just helped engineer.

I mean, three consecutive rallies from double-digit deficits, including one in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl: are you kidding me?!  This kid—and, yes, when you’re in your mid-60s you can call a 24-year-old a kid—never seems to lose confidence (and I think I saw that same trait in Justin in the Clemson game, notwithstanding the final score).

And, really, when the Chiefs were down 24-0 to Houston, did anyone realistically think they would ultimately win the Super Bowl?  That, as a low point, might have been comparable to when JT was injured and Cardale came off the bench.  Was any Buckeye fan really thinking Ohio State was going to ultimately emerge as national champs?

I did not have any strong rooting interest here but I just strongly feel this was one postseason for the ages.  (And I hope a couple of Buckeye/Chiefs who were not suited up for the game still enjoyed the postgame party last night.)

PS: on a marginally related footnote, I heard today that Malcolm Jenkins is the only player to have won a Super Bowl against both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.



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