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How Do You Foster Competition in a Football Program?

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January 28, 2020 at 7:33pm

Couple levels of interest here. 

It's often said that OSU brings a level of competition to everything they do and I've always wondered what that looks like in practice. 

Also, as a HS football coach, I'm wondering how to do a better job of incorporating it into our program. 

For example, I did a drill last year where every player who might be rushing the QB or playing line got three reps against one another and was timed getting to a bag in the backfield. Since it was every player against every possible matchup over multiple reps we were able to identify who our best rushers and blockers were. Even better, the kids knew it and it raised the effort / interest level significantly. The downside was it was a lot of extra work for a small staff that's already short on time.  

Bottom line is there's no way we have the manpower to do it day by day and drill by drill so I'm hoping to hear some ideas that we can use. 


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