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Comment 22 Jun 2019

Wasn't it just last season he gave the "Almost there, gonna do what it takes to get there" speech? 

if so, gotta say interesting way to go about executing the plan.

Comment 16 Dec 2018

Looking forward to more as well. 

FWIW, Hopalong is in here about six posts up - scoring the final TD in OSU's 1954 undefeated season. Kinda looks like a Beanie/Eddie/Curtis/etc. moment before all those modern guys had their time in the sun. 

21-7 Bucks Beat TTUN and Woody's 1st National Championship. I believe Hopalong went on to win the Heisman the following year. 

Comment 16 Dec 2018

First win over TTUN

 I've read that it's Chic Harley with the ball, deciding whether to run or throw to Stinchcomb. 

The year is 1919 in Ann Arbor, attendance 25,000 (Ohio field might have had a max capacity of around 10,000)  

OSU wins 13-3. This at a time when the series was 12-0-2 UM and OSU's points scored amounted to only 21 points over the entirety of those games. OSU goes on to win the next two 14-7 (Columbus), and 14-0 in front of 45,000 in Ann Arbor. The next year (1922) the 'Shoe opens and attendance is 71,000. TTUN Put up with it for a few years, then opened the Big House in '27, and it's essentially "game on" for the Rivalry.

Comment 26 Apr 2018

Jesus Cleveland. How can you continue to think you're smarter than anybody else after years and years of proving you're not? 

Kind of makes a guy wish they had a multi cam to everyone else's war room when the Browns draft so we could at least see everybody laughing. 

Comment 07 Apr 2018

Always thought they were too pop for me, then came across a vinyl copy of Abandoned Luncheonette at a flea market for $1. 

Yup. I'm an idiot sometimes. 

Comment 05 Apr 2018

At some point the statute of limitations may need to be revisited. You can't just expect a victim to talk based on some arbitrary clock and it should be about the truth, not when the truth comes out. It's possible that it's not about money.

And some of the commentary here is similar to what bothers me most about the Nasser / Sandusky situations. Our tendency as people to look away or assume it couldn't happen here or to see it as a threat to office and beloved institutions. I know there are evil people out there. What really bothers me is our very human tendency to sometimes defend them... for whatever reason. 

As several have said, go about this the right way as an institution and as advocates of that institution.