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NFL to Test New "kickoff" Rule in Pro Bowl

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January 21, 2020 at 11:51am


As in past years, there will be no kickoffs at all in the Pro Bowl. The twist this year is that teams will have two options after scoring.

The first is to give the ball back to the opposition, which would start its drive at its 25-yard line. The new, second option for the scoring team would serve as a substitute for an onside kick. It would allow it to run one additional play from its own 25-yard line.

If the scoring team gains 15 or more yards, it would retain possession. If it falls short, the opposition would take over at the dead ball spot. Essentially, it will be a fourth-and-15 play.

Personally I like the change.  The article notes that onside kicks had a 12% success rate this year, and while it doesn't include percentages for 4th-and-15 plays I'd have to think its fairly similar, but at least it would be more exciting.

Since they added the touchback/fair-catch rule kickoffs have been basically nothing but a waste of time.  I've long thought they just did that to ease fans into banning them altogether (and since we suck at actually running them back for TDs, I'd be in favor of getting rid of them).

This is technically an NFL proposal, but I'd have to think CFB would follow suit if it caught on.

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