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Will We Ever See 2 Sport Stars Again Like Bo and Deion?

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December 19, 2019 at 7:49am

I was recently reading an article about Bo Jackson giving Tua some advice regarding his hip injury, and it made me think of my childhood when Bo and Deion both played in the NFL and MLB at the same time, with success in both leagues.  

While a few others have switched from one league to the other (Drew Henson comes to mind), or have essentially given up one for another (Russell Wilson), we have not seen a player like Bo or Deion in decades.  

Do you think we will ever see a two sport star in the NFL and MLB again?  Were Bo and Deion just that athletic and talented to succeed in both, or has something changed in the sporting world and modern culture that prevents athletes (or owners and front offices) from taking a shot at this feat?  


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