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Kyle Snyder Posts on Instagram That He Will Be Training at Penn State?

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October 10, 2019 at 2:54pm

I don't know the interwebs stuff as well as some of you, but I follow the man most consider the greatest Wrestlebuck of all time, and per his IG post he put up earlier he's going to be training at Penn State as he furthers his amateur wrestling career, and I presume, preps for the olympics.

Kind of mixed feelings on this, obviously he's a tried and true Buckeye, one of the most decorated of all time, but he'll be training in enemy territory.

You have to respect his journey and his desire to get better and keep learning and honing his craft. Wrestling is like no other real avenue in terms of the transition from collegiate to post college-life (can't really call it "pro" wrestling because that's done in a ring with ropes and what not).

Wish him the best, hopefully good things come from his choice.

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