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2019 NFL Draft Round : 1, Fan Perspective.

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April 25, 2019 at 8:23am

As a Browns fan I usually(always) go into round 1 excited for the potential opportunity to have the squad turn around by making a franchise changing selection.  This year we obviously won't be drafting in the first round and although I know we technically got OBJ for our first rounder it still doesn't FEEL the same and thus I don't have the same excitement for the first round as I do every other year.

We have talked mocks and player ratings and projections but who do you guys want to see get drafted by your team the most?  who are you the most excited for at the next level regardless of college or pro destination?

Im excited to see Murray, mostly because I think its a flame out situation.  I think the Cards are absolutely similar to the Raiders when they got JaMarcus, even though I don't think they're comparable athletically and hopefully not in the work ethic department.

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