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Comment 20 Mar 2020

Also let’s be honest here.  His leverage is almost nil, you’re going to tell me he’s going to sit out a year and  choose to get redrafted in a class with Trevor and fields?  The agent that recommends that should be fired and his nfl agents license revoked. 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

Do you not remember his pre super bowl insta post that ended up being a preview for a commercial?

until he says I’m not playing for the patriots I assume he’s playing for the patriots

Comment 17 Mar 2020

He has this year and a team option 5th year.  If they can’t resign him and nobody is offering anything better would they just sit on him and pull a clowney? I don’t think so.  Sure the two thirds of hopeful but I’m not interested in giving up a 1 or 2 for someone that’s going to be a pain to resign under the cap when we will have Myles Ward and the Bake Show to resign soon.  

Comment 17 Mar 2020

To be fair nothing in that post says “I won’t be playing for the patriots next season”

he sold his house and could merely be moving his home out of state and sending out an appreciate note for everyone because he loves the show and for people to talk about him.  

Comment 16 Mar 2020

They’re going OT at 10 unless they move up to get a specific guy but that’s going to be an OT anyways. 

the biggest need getting directly addressed before the season starts is something new for us in Cleveland.  Now if we shore up that run defense the year could be magical.  Either way we finish better than the bungles.  

Comment 16 Mar 2020

What’s really perplexing is the fact that they still had Hopkins locked up for the next 3 years so it’s not like they were fearful he was in his final year and going to be impossible to resign so they might as well get something in return.  

but who knows maybe they are happy with their current corps and draft options but good luck if they think fuller or coutee are going to stay healthy for a full season.  

Comment 16 Mar 2020

Just need the browns to trade a couple 3rds this year or split them up between next and this to the Jets for the final two seasons of Jamal Adams’ rookie deal while drafting Winfield/Davis/Chinn as a rookie safety to play next to or later in place of Adams if he can’t be resigned.  

Comment 16 Mar 2020

Hooper was like #4 or 5 rated TE last season and he’s earning the most until the elite TE’s like kittle and kelce reset the market.  

we also just signed Conklin.  Browns addressing key areas sounds great to me.  

Comment 14 Mar 2020

I think you missed where they said seniors get the extra year of eligibility but even if it’s everyone.  They probably won’t count against scholarship totals when it matters if they were active in this year going forward.  The prospect of this isn’t to gift anyone except those that won’t have any eligibility left to forcefully end their collegiate sports career.  

There will still be those that opt to leave school early and I’m willing to guess the likes of duke and Kentucky won’t have very many if any seniors on scholarship to lose sleep over since you cited them.

its also only one year and I’d imagine that every team will be included in this benefit just on differing scales. I can’t imagine that team a is going to cry because team b also benefited but slightly more, especially in basketball where the best and even good players routinely leave schools early.

Comment 13 Mar 2020

Who cares?  Who does it hurt if the ncaa gives everyone the extra year?  Some of them might end their careers at the same school and some might transfer but I certainly don’t see anything wrong with giving anyone an extra year to enjoy a final hurrah before real life takes over.  

Comment 11 Mar 2020

I don’t think they can trade AJ until he signs his tag tender, which won’t be until the last minute because he can avoid team activities and camps by doing so.  

they’ll need to lock up a trade in principle, sign him to an extension and then finalize the trade.  

Comment 09 Mar 2020

Learn to pronounce

a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

if you want to exclude talking about things we don’t know about then it’s time to shut the recruiting forums down completely except to say yay when someone commits or rats if they de-commit.   the rest of the posts will be very boring because the only people allowed to post will be experts with extensive knowledge on a specific subject, sounds more like oration than a forum.  

Comment 09 Mar 2020

Because with the freshman coming in if anyone before them hasn’t seen ample playing time it’s logical to ponder whether or not they might choose to get playing time elsewhere.  Nobody is saying they should transfer or they need to and in the case of Babb what’s wrong with postulating that he might not be able to medically play the game anymore given his consecutive injury history?

if you’re ears hurt because of this speculation then I’d advise you to steer clear of the live threads because you’ll cry.