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Comment 6 hours ago

We haven’t played any complete teams yet this year sure, but we have played teams that excel in specific aspects and proceeded to dominate them in those aspects.  

that is what matters because you can’t just schedule a match any given week depending on how a team is performing that year   

Comment 13 hours ago

As long as he has Osu in the top 4 who fucking cares where in the top 4 they are?  As long as you’re in it, you have to beat two good-to-great teams to win it regardless of the number attached to the front of your team.  

Comment 20 hours ago

Dallas isn’t the Michigan of the nfl.  They’re a coach and gm away from being in multiple Super Bowls with the talent they have now, franchise dak and draft a good qb combined with hiring a coach to develop a qb instead of someone afraid of jerry and it’s a dominant team.  

Comment 23 hours ago

With a mandated offseason where you can’t have official contact with the players and get to actually have a life?  Hell yes.  

Comment 18 Oct 2019

He “passed up” Teague because he came in with an arbitrary higher ranking.  If both guys are riding pine you’re more apt to give opportunity to the ranking than the diamond in the rough until they’re competing for real playing time.  Snead also got outplayed by Teague  

Comment 18 Oct 2019

Also, Snead had 11 rushes for 32 yards?  Teague had 17 for over 100 and wasn’t accused of rape.  I’d say he’s the better prospect if we look at them both on the same timeline, Teague just didn’t have as much early love from the recruitniks either because of his competition level or not being from Florida.