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Ref Hottakes

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January 23, 2019 at 4:50pm

Okay, I've seen the blown call heard 'round the world, and I agree, about as bad as you can get.  And I get that we are talking about well paid professionals here, and I am certainly not against accountability.  That said, we're all collectively going a bit over the top in our anti-ref sentiments.  

Let's take a moment to step back, remember that we have a severe ref shortage in most youth sports in this country (thanks to the negativity they get), and also remember than most people commenting have never stepped up and held a whistle in their hands.  Here on the interweb go ahead and have at it, but way too many people think it acceptable to scream at refs from NFL games all the way down to grade school competitions.  

I shall now go back to my regularly scheduled pissing into the wind. ;)

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