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Comment 19 hours ago

I'd say it won't happen again because the hijackers shifted the paradigm.  Hijackings to that point mostly resulted in passengers surviving.  It happened with some frequency in the 80's for those old enough to remember (everyone on those planes for the most part) and the conventional wisdom was to not resist as that was a generally successful strategy to that point.  

The organized resistance on Flight 93 came after they started learning what had happened with the first three planes.  With mad respect for their heroism that day, I have no reason to believe that the same attempt wouldn't have been made on any of the other three flights had they been 4th and the passengers started finding out what was really going on.  Keep in mind that it was about 30 minutes from takeover of 93 till they started their attempt to take back control.  

Comment 20 hours ago

Been my experience that most people are insane about something.  They rarely see it in themselves though, just in those other people (whoever disagrees with their informed and enlightened worldview).

Comment 20 May 2019

That's actually a theory I could buy into.  We all know it is going to be Alabama and Georgia this year that matter, but damn if there isn't a bunch of love for about 10 more SEC teams.

At least a plausible case can be made for Michigan in the B1G.  Not likely, but plausible.  

Comment 20 May 2019

Yeah, given that they chose not to have a scene where Tyrian gets the reach for Bron, they needed to have him in there somewhere, I get that.  

I figure this new kingdom will be falling apart in a decade or less.  With Bronn lord of the reach and master of coin he's spread way to thin for his inexperience and talents.  We've got another wildly inexperienced lord in Gendry, and we know that Edmuir is a weak lord.  The Grand Maester is a radical anti-monarchist and that kid from the Vale is never going to amount to anything, despite a good tutor.  What does that leave, Dorne?  Tyrian leaving the Lannister lands in the capable hands of...?  The Onion Knight might have the navy in order and ocean commerce running smooth, but that isn't going to help them when Sansa bullies her way past her uncle and marches to take the Slag Throne in 5-10 years.  

Comment 20 May 2019

Hell, it isn't inconceivable that both teams miss a bit and someone else wins the B1G this year.  

Comment 20 May 2019

Does Bronn as master of coin seem like an odd choice to anyone?  With due respect for his street smarts and love of gold, and even allowing for Bran being able to 'see' any skimming, don't you need a bit of education to pull off that role?

It isn't like every major house must have a seat on the council.  The Starks weren't on it to begin with, nor were the Tyrells or Martells.  So even if you allow that former prisoner Tyrian can get him one of the best lordships in Westeros (and probably the absolute best currently available), why is he master of coin?  I mean, other than the opportunity for witty repartee?

Comment 20 May 2019

One of those freshmen running backs they have.  By default they'll get carries and probably some hype due to being freshmen.  Reality will take a month or so to set in.  Unless Army upends their ass.

Comment 20 May 2019

I'd have to be impressed if TTUN manages to go undefeated against Army, @ Wisconsin (19) , Iowa (18), @ PSU (14), Notre Dame (9), MSU (16), OSU (5), and the B1G west champ.

Comment 20 May 2019

That game wound up costing us big (I'm sketchy on details now and am not looking it up right now), but it was still glorious.  To see them lose like that to one of their hated rivals.  Poetry.