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Feel Sick Saying This but Im Ready to Come Clean: I Love Baker Mayfield

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August 15, 2018 at 2:59pm

I vividly remember walking home from my local Buckeye bar after the 2017 Oklahoma game with a full PBR can I tucked in my pocket. I was so pissed that I threw the can full blast at the dumpster behind the bar. "That little cocky piece of shit! I will shove that Sooner flag up his ass" I mumbled to myself, fuming. I hated him. I laughed at all the memes of him trying to run away from the cops. I loved Kansas players getting in his head and taking him off his game. 

It's with hat in hand I come to you my brothers and tell you with great shame, I love this dude. He's an electric factory. He's already got a solid rapport going with the team. He is buying into the Browns (who I'm not even a fan of but respect their struggles). He's willing to learn behind Taylor. He's making adjustments and showing up before anyone else to build a reputation

Look at this energy:

He respects his elders:


He's a blue collar Football guy:


I've got Baker fever. It makes me sick. I'm not a Browns fan so feel free to lambast my preconceived notions of hope. Tell me it will all come crashing down. I can't actually love this guy can I?

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