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Cleveland Browns - 2 Round Draft Scenario - What Would You Do?

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March 12, 2018 at 11:38am

As it's a pretty slow day at work and I've found myself with too much time on my hands I figured I'd see how everybody else would tend to draft for the future of the Browns. I guess lets limit this to the first 2 rounds for now as I doubt many have seen enough of the later round players to even try to figure out who might be available/ valuable addition. I've seen a lot of talk discussing what QB should be #1 (I lean towards Allen if they want to go that route) or if they should take Barkley #1/#4 if he somehow falls. I tend to view the Browns more as a "there's so many team wide holes it doesn't matter who's QB/RB" I also don't work as an NFL scout and currently am still lucky enough to have a girlfriend so I can't say I've watched everybody that is available at a lot of positions so I am relying on some analyst opinions for some of this, with that in mind, I think how I would draft early would go along the lines of : 

#1: Bradley Chubb - Pairing two potential dominating ends together tends to be a good recipe for success.
#4: Minkah Fitzpatrick - Correcting the mistake of drafting Peppers at all by relegating him to the return game. 
#33: Top CB or OT available - I've seen mocks where a quality Corner can be added or an upgrade at RT. This is assuming Joe Thomas returns... 
#35: Top CB or OT available - Whichever position wasn't upgraded at #33
#64: Rashaad Penny  - Quality RB with massive production and good vision, natural receiver and returner. 

I also think as an NFL scout I'd be trying to work Jerome Baker out as a SS player in the mold of a Cam Chancellor as he tends to do better in space than in a mess of bodies at LB. If you like his workout he could be a mid round steal with the position switch, he wouldn't have to deal with trying to bulk up and I think it's a more natural fit for his body type. I also think whoever lands the OSU ends (Holmes and Lewis) in the mid rounds are going to get good bang for their buck. They may not end up being pro-bowl players but should at least be valuable rotation players. 

Again this is all more or less my boredom going crazy. Maybe it'll help you pass the time today as well. 

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