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MLB all-star game, anyone watching?

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July 15, 2014 at 6:14pm

As a youngster in the early 80's and as a teenager in the late 80's/early 90's, I used to love watching the MLB All-Star Game.  It was really awesome to see one or 2 Indians players wear the same uniform and play with players from other American League teams.  I fondly remember watching the game that then-President Reagan called Bo Jackson's home run.  MLB used to only have one game of the week on the free TV, then local reds or Indians games  (Indians on channel 43), and ESPN had Sunday Night baseball in it's infancy, so you really didn't get to see all the stars from around the sport, unless you tuned into the All-Star game.  Box scores, numbers and imagination from reading newspaper recaps were the only way to compare Stars from around MLB, until the All-Star game was played, and then the guys were all together, playing the game.

However, with multiple years of inter league play, more frequent off season player/roster changes,  steroid era players being dishonest, escalating salaries (A-Rod earning $360,000+/ at bat), cable tv stations flooding the airwaves showing all 162 games of the Tiger, Indians and Reds in my Area, and the high cost of tickets and refreshments to go watch a game in person....... I have become a non-fan, and don't really follow the sport at all anymore..... Anyone else lost interest in MLB? Or is the All-Star game still a worthy event to view?

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