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Are the Ages of Our Buckeye Recruiting Staff Any Factor Whatsoever?

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June 3, 2023 at 2:03pm

I totally realize that the elite athletes today only care about what position coach is best suited to get them to the next level. I get that. But our offensive staff, Day, ( yep, I put him on that side of the ball), Hartline, Frye, and Dennis are considerably younger than the group of Knowles, LJ, Walton, and Eliano. We've all witnessed how our recruiting has trended. With other factors being somewhat comparable to other elite programs, do you think this comes into play at all? Do today's 18 yr olds tend to gravitate towards someone closer to their age? This thought only crossed my mind because of the Laurinaitis article earlier today. I think the "juice" he would bring to the defense would be huge and resonate with today's HS kids.  I don't care if they promote him to Special teams coach, (hint,hint) just get his vibes on the actual field. It could get done. Fire away!

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