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Farewell from Taylor Lehman

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August 29, 2019 at 3:35pm

I remember when I introduced myself to the Eleven Warriors forum back in February, someone asked if I'd stay longer than three weeks. I'm happy to say I made it about seven months.

A couple weeks ago, Rivals.com reached out to me and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I'll be covering Indiana football, basketball and recruiting. I know that seems like a step down in terms of the path for my career, but for the direction I would like my career to go journalistically, this is another progressive step for me. It also brings me closer to home back in Indiana.

I just want to thank everyone who read my work this offseason. The idea that multiple thousands of people read my work every day is still tough for me to wrap my head around. Never thought I'd be writing for an audience that large at 23 years old. Thank you for tuning in to read my stuff throughout the months. It meant a lot to me. I really put a lot of myself into my work here, and I hope that showed. 

With that being said, there will not be a Hurry Up tonight or for the immediate future, though there is someone in the works to fill my position soon, so don't fret. 

I understand I'll be at Indiana, which isn't considered to be a football school, but I hope you continue to follow me along. After all, Indiana remained competitive with Ohio State through the first three quarters of every matchup since 2015. It might be worth it. 

It was fun. I hope it was fun for everyone. 


Edit: Almost forgot to thank Dan Hope and Colin Hass-Hill. Those two guys were incredible during my time here. I've never learned so much from two guys as close in age to me as they are. Eleven Warriors is lucky to have them on board. Can't wait to read their stuff moving forward. 

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