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Birm Interviews Mark Pantoni

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July 17, 2019 at 12:10pm

Over on Lettermen Row, Birm just posted a great interview with Mark Pantoni, which I feel is well worth a click and a watch. They touched on a bunch of topics, including:

  • What has changed over the years in recruiting.
  • Whether they pay attention to recruiting news and rankings.
  • The switch from Friday Night Lights to the Buckeye Bash Barbeque.
  • How the addition of all the new Ohio State coaches has impacted recruiting.
  • Mark's decision to stay at Ohio State after Urban left.
  • How big a factor a kid's personal character level plays in their recruitment.
  • How Ohio State is sometime unfairly perceived as a place for football but not academics.
  • What NCAA rules Mark would change if he could.
  • What player did Ohio State land with whom Mark thought they had no chance.
  • If Mark takes it personally when a recruit decides to go to another school.
  • Whether fans should Tweet at recruits (hint: the answer was an emphatic "no").



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