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What's Our Recruiting Status Outlook?

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December 5, 2018 at 11:01am

Apologies in advance if this seems obvious to those who follow recruiting closely but...

Pre-Urban departure, I've been wondering for a bit how we look for this year's recruiting class:

  1. Compared to the last few years it seems we have fewer "in the fold," but a similar quality of those who are. 
  2. Not at all saying that's a bad thing - Urban always had a rep as a closer - but what I didn't have a sense of is whether there were the 7-8 four or five star guys almost certain to sign and give us a top five class or whether it is more of a question mark in terms of if we were going to end up more Top 15 vs. Top5.

Regardless of what #2 was, the transition creates uncertainty.

So how are we looking?  Take a top 5 class to the bank?  Not likely this year?  Expect top 15 and be happy with Top 10 if we get there?  Or no one knows anything, check back in a month.


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