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Comment 18 Aug 2019

Here's some stream of consciousness predictions:

Nebraska: 1) Easy win over USA, 2) tough game against Col, I predict a win, but the rails could come off this season early, 3) W over NIU, 4) IT'S A TRAP - the very definition.  On the road at Illinois the week before hosting OSU while likely 3-0 with the hype train rolling; they probably win, but I bet it's close and Illinois could shock, 5) whipped by OSU, (1-1 in Conf), 6) @ home vs. NW, seems like a classic game for NW to win (1-2), 7) @Minn - bounce back (2-2), 8) W over Indy (3-2), 9) @ Purdue, close, I'll give it to Neb (4-2), 10) home vs. Wisky, loss (4-3), 11) W over Mary (5-3), 12) W @ home vs. Iowa (6-3)

Wisky: 1&2) wins over S. Florida & CMU, 3) L @ home to UM (0-1), 4-5) Ws over NW, Kent St. (1-1), 6=7) W over MSU & Ill (3-1), 8) crushed by OSU (3-2), 9-12) can they sweep out against Iowa, @Neb, Pur, @Minn?  I say no and give Purdue the win after an emotional defeat of Neb by UW (6-3 in confernce)

Iowa: 1-4) a chance at 4-0, including Rutger, but I'm worried they lose @ISU this year, 5) L @UM, 6) L to PSU (1-2), 7) W over Pur, 8) W over NW, 9) L to Wisky (3-3), 10) W over Minn (4-3), 11) W over Ill (5-3), 12) L to Neb (5-4)

Minn: 1-3) chance at 3-0 OOC, but @Fresno no gimmie, 4) L @ Pur (0-1), 5) W over Ill (1-1), 6)  L to Neb (1-2), 7-8) Ws over Rutgers & Mary (3-2), 9-10) Ls to PSU & Iowa (3-4), 11) L to NW  (3-5), 12) L to Wis (3-6)

NW: 1) Loss to Stanford, 2) W over UNLV, 3) L to MSU (0-1), 4) L to Wisky (0-2), 5) W over Neb (1-2), 6) L to OSU (1-3), 7) L to Iowa (1-4), 8) W over Ind (2-4), 9) W over Pur (3-4), 10) W over UMass, 11) Win over Minn (4-4), 12) W at Ill (5-4)

Purdue: 1-3) I could see anything from 3-0 to 0-3 OOC, 4) W over Minn (1-0), 5) L to PSU (1-1), 6) W over MD (2-1), 7)   L to Iowa (2-2), 8) W over Ill (3-2), 9) loss to Neb (3-3), 10) L to NW (3-4), 11) W over Wisky (4-4), 12) W over Ind (5-4)

Ill: (1-8) (Rutgers)

Obviously a couple of games can swing all of this. Some thoughts:

-- this assumes Illinois loses to all, but they will probably sneak a win

-- assumes OSU, Michigan, MSU and PSU go undefeated vs. the West.  Probably MSU or PSU drop one or two 

Those facets above could create huge swings, as well as the obvious head to head.  But the West looks like a mess.  Wisconsin at a big disadvantage with OSU and UM.  That being said, if Wisky can go 6-1 otherwise with that solo loss not coming to another 6-3 or better in conference, they could still pull it out.  

But I am guessing the winner of the West will have 3 conference losses.  To get to even a 2 Loss scenario

- Wisconsin has to beat either OSU or Mich or go 7-0 against the West

- Neb, unless they beat OSU, has to go 6-1 against the West (maybe the best shot)

- Iowa has to beat UM or PSU or go 7-0 against the West

- Minn unless they beat PSU has to go 6-1 against the West.  PSU is beatable, so Minnesota may have a path to 2 Ls

- NW has to beat OSU or MSU or go 7-0 against the West

- Purdue has to beat PSU or go 6-1 against the west.  Like Minnesota, since PSU is beatable, Purdue may have a path to 2 Ls

Comment 09 Jul 2019

Day is walking into a MUCH better situation than either Tressel or Urban did -- and those two pulled off National Championships in year 2, but they struggled a tad in terms of getting back to the top, but, of course, both absolutely owned Michigan and dominated the Big 10 (even if they both left championships on the table).

Day is already establishing himself in recruiting, but we'll see where it goes on the field.  I think that muscling in on Saban and Dabo is very possible.  I also think that being more of an Oklahoma or Notre Dame is also very possible (collapse and disappointment also possible, but on the bell curve, Ohio State as the #3 to #8 program in the country over the next few years is most likely, with a decent chance of getting into #1 or #2.  Doubt we fall outside the top 10 and unlikely outside the top 15, but we'll see.

The key is probably the defense and running game.  Day will put an explosive passing offense on the field, that's bankable.  But he needs the other two facets to be truly elite.  Not guaranteed.

Comment 10 Dec 2018

It was a badly written tweet, but in fairness to the man, I think it is relatively obvious that what he meant was that the notion that Michigan isn't closing the gap and won't take over is a mirage, hence the reference to building a powerhouse.

We may still think this is wishful thinking, but if the exchange was like this (which is almost certainly what he would mean) what reaction would you have other than that you disagree:

Recruit - why should I go to Michigan?  Ohio State owns you, I'll be playing second fiddle every year.

Chaser Loserovich - Don't get distracted by the score.  Michigan has gotten better every year under Jimmy H. and he's building a powerhouse. We'll own them soon enough.

Comment 07 Dec 2018

Yes, I'm bashing.  But I'm also asking seriously (and maybe will be fuel for future Wolverine baiting), but seriously what does Jim have.

This year -- probably the win over Wisconsin was his best.  Win over PSU the next.  Both good - or perceived good at the time - teams that they dominated.  Not positive they would crack this top 10 though.

2017 - best win was over a ranked Florida team that turned out to suck.

2016 - 14-7 win over a top 10 Wisconsin team probably breaks this top 10

2015 - best win was bowl game over Florida, would not crack this list

For the team pre-H -- nothing in '14. Win over ND in '13 probably qualifies.

But all of these are marginal -- games you'd debate about towards the end of our list.

Comment 01 Dec 2018
That's not great or fair because of unbalanced divisions. The reality is the number of teams that should be in the playoff is not constant. If the logistics could somehow work, I would propose: 1) Committee selects top 4 teams. Period. No consideration of titles. Pure eye test. 2) Auto bids for (i) any P5 Conference Champion with one or fewer Conference losses, (ii) any other conference Champion, undefeated in their conference, who committee deems a top 10 team. If no one in category 2, then 4 team semi. For every additional seed, take the 4th seed, 3rd seed, etc. for play in games, then play semis. Would also encourage tough non-conference games
Comment 28 Nov 2018
If they hadn't benched there starters, I would get it. But they did, so unfair to NW. And Iowa should be ranked.
Comment 28 Nov 2018
Was replying to prior poster, but looks like it was to you Earle. All good
Comment 27 Nov 2018
If we look against NW like we have against every team named Michigan, then I don't really think we should be a playoff team. If we shut their not great offense down (less than 20 pts, less than 400 yards) and hang 40-70 on them with 500-700 yards of Offense, then I will be pissed if we get left out. The only thing I like above the rankings is it potentially puts this team in that focused mind set we need. Part of me almost wants Oklahoma to win (a close one) to see if the Buckeyes come out and hang 70 on NW and dare the committee to leave them out. If we play to the level we are capable of there is no reason we can't vaporize NW.
Comment 17 Oct 2018
I think people are not exactly weighing things correctly (shocking development in an internet forum, I know): First, let me say I understand Nick's decision and I am fine with it. He made a business and career move and he has every right. 2nd, the notion however of everything else is meaningless I think is wrong, both because those saying that are valuing money as the only thing and two ignoring other possible money. On meaning: You have to ask yourself, when you are 80 and looking back on your life, which will you value more, the maybe marginally more money you made in the NFL or the glory of battle at the highest collegiate level with your brothers, winning gold pants (though sounds like he would not have made that game), playing in the playoffs? That's an individual decision, though Nick is in a different situation than some others. He comes from a rich family and his brother is already making bank. Even if the worst happens he'd be ok financially (but yeah, a lot less). For a poor kid, very different. On the other hand a poor kid might not have this option and might need to stay at the school for medicine and rehab and such. The other factor is the value of being a Buckeye legend. It has value. Joey earned his. There are so many big plays in big games and finishing out the run. He'll be welcomed back at OSU forever and there can be financial value in that. Now, again, probably doesn't apply as much to the Bosa family as they will probably never live in Ohio unless one plays for Browns or Bengals. But you never know. That's not to say that Nick is dead to Buckeye fans, I doubt he is. But I doubt anyone would have the same passion towards him as Joey. But imagine if Nick had sacked Tua to lock a Naty. Far fetched? Somewhat, but you never know and far from crazy. That's what he gives up. It is a trade off. Don't blame the kid, but NFL draft position vs. meaningless is not the right measuring stick.
Comment 17 Sep 2018
I have to question the journalistic decision here. I am NOT in the camp of "Urban got hosed," I think the Board of Trustees got it right, so this is not a homer call. But this really isn't relevant. This is about Courtney and Zach's personal life, which I don't think is relevant at this point. Leave this to the "journalists" who post on Facebook.
Comment 11 Sep 2018

All I can say is that, having been to the last white out, the crowd was very polite and nice.

I was not in the student section and don't hang around the youngins though.