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How Does 247 Calculate the Team Recruiting Rankings?

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January 21, 2018 at 3:09pm

Does anyone have any insight into how 247 calculates the score used to rank recruiting classes by school? I was looking at the national standings today and something just doesn't add up to me. The current #1 class, Georgia, has 22 commits, an average rating of 93.69 per commit, and a total score of 309.15. The current #2 class, Ohio State, has 23 commits, an average rating of 94.27, and a total score of 308.89. How does the team with more commits at a higher average rating not outrank the other? I know at the end of the day this is a lot of projections and best guesses, but I can't pretend like I wouldn't want the #1 class. To paraphrase what Urban once said, if they're keeping score, we want to win.

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