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Comment 17 Jul 2017
There's no doubt that he was an amazing athlete. If you read the specific things he did, you'll see they're borderline sociopathic. A man like that should not be celebrated. Art Schlichter isn't going into our Hall of Fame because of what he's done, and those aren't nearly as bad as Vick's transgressions. I don't mean to imply you think Vick should be celebrated, because I don't think you do. I just wanted to reply to your comment because it was relevant to the topic.
Comment 13 Apr 2017
Since last year's all Star break, they've been a winning team. People can moan and groan and say the wheels will fall off, but this is a brand new crop of talent. These kids are too young to know they're supposed to start sucking. Enjoy the moment. I'm not saying they're going to maintain this trajectory, but they have the potential to stay above .500 and do some damage.
Comment 13 Apr 2017
Keep in mind that they're not at full health right now. Their top 2 starters are on the DL as well as their best catcher and another starting pitcher.
Comment 26 Feb 2017
My thoughts were that by pointing out nobody wants to hear them or that the humor is in bad taste, people may refrain from saying it. However some people will inevitably say something ignorant. I guess I erred and should've know that the members of 11w usually have more tact. If I wanted to see those types of jokes I probably would have posted one myself.