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Comment 05 Jul 2020
6 of the 10 stats they have in there have nothing to do with him coaching at TSUN. The other 4 aren't even impressive.
Comment 04 Jul 2020
It's pretty ridiculous we ever used that term when you think about it. Christopher Columbus (an undeniable terrible person that really didn't even discover America) was so convinced he made it to India that he called the native people to the land Indians. Even when he realized it wasn't India, he continued to call them that. I can think of a lot of patriots that would fight over a stranger coming here from another country and continually referring to them as Brits. This isn't just happening now. I'm 32 and remember being taught in grade school that we shouldn't use the term Indian for Native Americans.
Comment 17 Jun 2020
In regards to Florida, Mullen hasn't shown me anything to believe he's a top tier coach yet. He needs to at least win his division first. Also my Auburn alum cousins would take great offense to your comparison haha (to their credit they've actually been relevant this century)
Comment 08 Jun 2020
Or he was being rushed back when he wasn't ready and he was told be ready to play or leave (I doubt this is what happened but it's possible and would fit what he's saying)
Comment 07 Jun 2020
As a high school teacher and coach, it's not only my job to develop my students and athletes, but to prepare them for success at the next level. That includes preparing them for self driven learning and development. The next level always has less hand holding. If they can't handle that, I'm partially to blame.
Comment 05 May 2020
Drove, with my dad, from Cincinnati to attend this game my senior year of college. We had a great view of it from our end zone seats. Ballard went up and snatched that out of nowhere. I will never forget this play until the day I die. It helped alleviate some of the sting from spending most of my high school graduation money to attend the Fiesta Bowl against Florida my freshman year.
Comment 23 Apr 2020

He turns 24 this year. That is older than your average NFL prospect. I'm not saying he's Brandon Weeden, but it's a fact he's older than most. To claim there are no weaknesses is naive. Just google "Joe Burrow Draft Analysis". You'll see many list age, need of a friendly system, arm strength, and the 2018 season as his weaknesses. Andrew Luck has the highest draft grade of any prospect ever by many experts, and many struggled to come up with any weaknesses. Again, I am not saying that Burrow will not be great. He absolutely has that potential. My point is, if teams are offering several first round picks to a team full of holes, you can make your team better and reduce the chances and damages of whiffing. 

Comment 23 Apr 2020

While I love the guy and see his potential to be a great quarterback, I don't think Burrow is enough of a future pro-bowler lock to ignore the amount of draft capital people are reportedly throwing at the Bengals. There are questions surrounding his age and if he is somewhat a product of a good system/surrounding talent. Also, he really only has 1 season of great production. I agree that he is the best QB in the draft. I just don't put him in the Andrew Luck category where there was no doubt he was going to be great. I think it would have made sense to get a bunch of picks for him. There are a ton of holes to fill. Then they would have some margin of error to gamble a little more with one of the next tier QB prospects or wait until next year to draft a QB/get a veteran FA. The best QB of each draft is rarely the first one taken. 

Comment 05 Apr 2020
I forget the exact number, but he had an impressive free throw streak. Yet he seemed to rarely attack the hoop and increase the chances of getting to the line. Like too many players these days, he believed in his 3 point shot too much.