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Jamar King update from an insider: His high school D-Line coach via Buckeye Planet

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January 25, 2016 at 4:10pm

Josh Winslow just posted a link to Buckeye Planet forum on Twitter. @jwinslow7

Here is info from Buckeye Planet's forum on Jamar King. His high school D-Line coach is a contributor and has been pushing for him to pick the Bucks and giving updates. Here is the latest update.

Here is the forum Link:


MSURacerDT55D-Line Specialist

"Well well well, I get a call right before dismissal from a 614 area code and it my coaching idol Larry Johnson. We touched base and he tells me to get on Jamar, I told him im on it, he tells me that Bama is basically slow playing him and really want Gary. When I talked to Jamar last Thursday, I can tell his tone changed after he met with Saban and they are selling him on playing end but its actually a 5 tech in the 3-4 which is basically a DT."

Also the trip is Coach Johnson said he TURNED DOWN TWO DT's today...He didn't say who but he said one was from GA. Trust me, Im not going to play Mr.Impartial anymore especially knowing what I know now...To be continued..."

Update: "Just got off the phone with Jamar, its not looking good. He said he was almost insulted by Johnson saying he wouldn't play with all of those recruits coming in. He told me he is unphased by a freshman and embraces the challange. Its hard, but when he says he is chasing a dream, how can I tell him to do otherwise..."

TL/DR: Saban is slow playing Jamar to get Gary. Was promising but doesn't look good now.

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