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Terrell Hall - The "Things" That Happened

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August 4, 2015 at 10:50am

I posted this in last night's Hurry Up thread but wanted to bring it here too since some might be less than willing to dive into the thread over there.

I want to say also, I've spoken to Terrell a number of times and these things seem to be completely out of character for him as I've gotten to know him.

Since it's out there on another site right now – one that I know wouldn't have run it without consent from the coaching staff – here's a bit more info on what happened with Hall.

First, he did not tell the OSU staff he was visiting Alabama the week prior to Friday Night Lights. Not only did he not tell them he was going, but when it was discovered he played it off like it was a short trip – it was a week long.

Second, OSU had set up a tour/academics presentation for Terrell on Thursday before FNL: he did not show up.

Third, when he finally arrived at OSU on Friday, just minutes before FNL began, he was aloof and distant from his (then) future teammates.

Fourth, on Saturday morning following FNL Hall showed up at the WHAC wearing Bama gear. Yes, committed to OSU, where he was visiting, wearing Bama gear at the WHAC. 

Facts are: OSU would still take him if he wanted to come back, but they won't chase.

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