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Ohio State vs. Penn State Recruiting

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August 13, 2014 at 11:34am

Steve Wiltfong ran a piece this morning about how Penn State is in good position to finish ahead of Ohio State in the recruiting rankings and most Penn State fans think so, and I couldn't help but laugh. Right now Penn State is at 250.58 with 19 commits, and Ohio State is at 214.57 with 15 commits.

Penn State is expected to take the full 25, and their fans seem to think that the 3 highest recruits they finish with are Settle, Wilkins and Whitehead. They believe they finish with those 3, along with three other lesser ranked players, but with Settle, Wilkins and Whitehead, that puts them at 271.38. They also think there's an outside chance they flip Fitzpatrick from Bama but I can't help but laugh at that. Also, Settle is in serious trouble with academics, so he may not qualify.

Alex G recently ran an article that said this class could number anywhere from 22 to 23, but I think they maybe even could get up to 24. Ohio State is expected to finish with Gallimore, Gibson, Harris, Baker, Boulware, Cager, Jefferson, and Burrell definitely. Which would put us at 281.89. With 1 more spot open for an outside chance at an highly ranked surprise prospect (Sweat, Jefferson, Kirk, etc.).


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