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Mike Weber vs LJ Scott

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June 26, 2014 at 2:00pm

I was curious to hear the staffs and fellow 11W opinion on these two backs who you think is the better player and who you wouldn't want to play against assuming the other goes to Sparty. Interesting to see how both of their recruitment has shifted from both being pro Sparty to both being more higher on OSU at this point in their recruitment. Personally, I think LJ Scott is better suited for Sparty's offense than Weber. LJ runs powerful like Hyde where Weber seems like a faster version of Jordan Hall that's elusive. Anyways, I played O-line in HS and college so I'm not the best judge of RB talent and won't know all the details to look for but I did my best. 

Mike Weber                                    highlights

  • Pros: Good Vision, More elusive of the two, Good breakaway speed, Offense he plays in more similar to ours
  • Cons: Tends to run with the ball out from his body

LJ Scott                                          highlights

  • Pros: Good vision, More powerful of the two, Good balance, Good ball security, edit: great hands
  • Cons: Lacks consistent breakaway speed. 
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