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My Thoughts on The Current Recruiting Trend

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May 6, 2014 at 3:39pm

In the past, the race for the best recruiting class had stayed relatively consistent. Always at the top was the world's favorite, Bama, followed by teams such as OSU, Texas, Florida, USC, Michigan, Miami, Oklahoma, and a couple of other schools. Skip ahead a few years and we have chaos. State Penn is ranked number two, Auburn no longer wants to be the little brother, and Tamu has become the best team in the state of Texas (thanks to a 3-star quarterback and a pair of under recruited 4-stars). It is funny how within a couple of years, coaches could turn schools that were mediocre in prior years to schools that could con kids into believing they are the next great dynasty. What James Franklin has done at Penn State is incredible considering his teams haven't played a single game of football. His team is still depleted and the kids that he have signed are gonna be EXPECTED to come in right away and play. The difference between a recruiting Dynasty and a recruiting surprise is dynasties don't rely on freshmen to come in and have to play. Dynasties sell kids on the opportunity to compete for a starting position. And as I stare down the pipe at the future, I notice two things: 1.) Franklin will have to prove his ability to coach this year, as will Hoke and Pelini and Beliema and baby Stoops and Butch Jones. The list goes on. There are countless programs that are producing on the recruiting grounds but not on the field. 2.) The usual offenders, including us, are gonna have to adjust our recruiting strategy just a bit to remain too performing programs. In closing, Go Bucks!!!!

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