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May 6, 2014 at 7:32am

With the possibility of Wimbush and the OL going to PSU today, many are getting very anxious about the recruiting class. Yes they wanted Wimbush, but they may already feel very good about certain recruits. With it being a smaller class, Urban must be selective, so it depends on when the guys they want decide to announce and many big time guys wait. So, if this is what would happen, and it could, in the end would this class satisfy anyone? (There are many that could be added or removed and have heard the number to be 18-20 so 19 are named here)

1.Torrance Gibson   2.Damien Harris   3.Christian Kirk   4.Justin Hilliard           5.Jerome Baker   6.Chris Clark   7.Ricky DeBerry   8.Sh'mar Kilby-Lane   9.Matthew Burrell    10.Drew Richmond    11.Patrick Allen    12.James Daniels 13.Darius Fullwood    14.Dre'mont Jones    15.Elijah Taylor    16.Van Jefferson   17.Nick Conner    18.Jamel Dean    19.Eric Glover-Williams

Some could feel alright with this class, could you?


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