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Gibson vs Wimbush or...

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May 4, 2014 at 9:23pm

What happened to the Allen HS (Texas) QB mentioned on here a few times?I remember him being smallish but if I remember right he  played in 3 straight state championships in the highest level of Texas football and won the last 2. Plays in the top facility in country (over $90 million stadium) that is sold out every week , so plays in big time environments (for HS). From what I see of Texas HS football his regular season district is the toughest in state (Dontre played in it). Therefore  he may play against the best players in country. That's not the Po dunk go to a game and maybe each school has 3-4 eventual D1 players, type stuff. That is every starter on each squad WILL play college ball some where and there are eventual D1 kids still serving as back ups. My point goes back to my question, what about the QB from Allen HS (Texas)? My rant I guess was mostly based to say maybe he's not too small. Troy Smith didn't have the size most are looking for in prototypical QB, either. I don't know if he has Troy's gun though.

To possibly answer my own questioning: maybe he's surrounded by great players and we don't see him being the kind of substantial player we're seeking. Maybe he's facilitating to other great players?

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