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Comment 14 Jan 2019

Careful, Tate with WVU. A non powerful 5 commuter school can come in and buy your coaches away at any point. And.... it’s in West Virginia

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Whatever WSU ran/runs is never a model I’d wanna copy. However he coached Safties this year, scrap it. Worst safety play in OSU history throughout this season I can remember. Glad to see the game White had, yesterday. 

Comment 08 Dec 2018

If healthy, Browning would be the choice over Hilliard or Borland. Borland will have to buy a ticket if he ever wants to see an nfl game. Browning will be a first couple rounds draft pick

Comment 28 Sep 2018

Not sure why Saunders is back on punts and is essentially back on kicks as the second return man even though he walks forward becoming the lead blocker. I must be missing something about his explosiveness and elusiveness since he’s being used in punt returns. To me McCall, Campbell, Dobbins are just a few obvious choices. As far as kick returns, Dobbins, Snead, Hill, Weber, and  Teague all would seem to be better on field secondary return man/lead blocker. 

Comment 26 Sep 2018

Will Dabo figure out how to be SEC-like and block where Kelly can transfer to?

Comment 19 Sep 2018

Wint has been awful!!! He was involved in 3 Long plays vs Oregon State. Didn’t see him involved in any big plays vs Rutgers then involved again getting twisted around while trying to keep up with a young, big, possession type TCU on the Frogs last TD. In each occasion it seems speed is his issue. He can’t just play ball because he’s struggling SO much to keep up

Comment 18 Sep 2018

I would have the top receivers on the field in key moments. Especially after coming out of a time out. Saunders was getting no separation, all night. Paris Campbell not on the field for stretches is hard to except. Not having himmin the field yet Saunders on the field coming out of the TO prior to 3 and 16 was odd. Fatigue should not be an issue after a TO and hadn’t been on field that drive