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Comment 15 Aug 2017

Two plays in the National title game vs LSU I felt went against us and mounted momentum for the home team:

up 7-0 we get a turnover and are deep in LSU territory and getting ready to score, Boeckman gets flushed on 3rd down and decides to slide to avoid contact rather than use his much larger frame to complete the scramble vs the contesting smaller DB for a TD.  We resort to a FG and the crowd and LSU D start firing up that dome.

Later on 4th and forever (if I remember right 4th and 37), a young Austin Spilter covers up the center and makes contact with him with his center's down resulting in an automatic first down. It made it worse knowing he'd done the same thing in another game earlier that year or year before. 

Comment 14 Aug 2017

He looks bored. I don't blame him as I see no other D1players on that field. It looked like eleven high school strong safties lined up on that blue team defense. Bad level of high school football but no doubt that kid is something special regardless. 

Comment 09 Aug 2017

I met Obrien at a pre awards ceremony function after '12 season for the  Coach of the year. All the candidates but Urban were at this function. Urb became "ill", on same day Dontre Wilson pulled commitment from Oregon and boom Urb's wasn't at the ceremony. Disappointed  a little but said even at the time I'd rather him rerouted Houston stay to Dallas to get Wilson and he did (allegedly) . Anyway, that night Obrien even then was so smug and in personable. I'll always remember the look he gave my while signing the ball they provided all of us in the pre ceremony that all the nominees were to sign. Yes, i was wearing a very obvious OSU tie and I tried to compliment him on a "good" season but I'm sure I came off smug too. He won that night but still feel he got too much credit during a down conference season. Glad he never beat OSU. Franklin was there that night as a nominee from Vandy. He worked the room pretty good, surprisingly. 

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Steelers would be in for a big culture change and pros maybe not willing to except his ways. Especially the blunt burning Steelers. 

Comment 05 Aug 2017

Might as well when/if we play Wisky, MSU, Nw, Illinois, or Iowa as they're QB and receiver talent still couldn't exploit that and we'd flatten their QBs.  Big 12 (exaggerating of course) basically play 11 DBs, so I like your idea. 

Comment 03 Aug 2017

We run into the same problems up in SW PA where I work. If we hire locals from OH, WV or PA where they can be to work in less than an hour there's risk they don't know the industry. But we'd be ok with that because people can be taught. But if you repeatedly have to retrain them on the same things production, efficiency and safety becomes   an issue. Not being willing or able to learn seems to be due to two things drinking/drugs  or a former union worker. The locals would rather we use the local talent pool but we've tried that so we just fly the guys from TX,LA and Oklahoma in and no training needed. They stay sober, can pass random drug tests and never bitch that there are no breaks and need to smoke cigarettes , eat or whatever when they get off work. It's only 12 hours, geez.

Comment 20 Jul 2017

If you're saying being at UH was equivalent to Myers efforts at BG or Utah, I'd have to disagree on one advantage Herman had make his transition and job easier. He was smack dab in the middle of one of the nation's hot beds for high school talent. Urban at Utah and somewhat at BG had to convince kids from out of state to come play for his program.

On that note, I just bought some wheels and tires off a guy the other day that played for Urban at BG. He played his high school ball in Louisiana. He had nothing but good stuff to say about UFM.

Comment 18 Jul 2017

100 is not too surprising on that road. Texas roads are so new, pristinely engineered  and kept up its sometimes easy to be going faster than you thought you were. Especially on the toll roads which if you're not doing 85 you're getting run off the road.  Shoot they test them , mainly for toll accuracy/accounting, at 200 mph.  See the Utube vid of this testing. And that's with just a Z06. I can tell you they ride like crap compared (and slower) than my ZR1, but even they appear safe at 200 mph in this vid.