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2015 Ftb. Recruiting Class

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March 25, 2014 at 9:42am

As soon as the 2014 class was signed, most people immediately turned their attention to the '15 class and some were even saying it could turn out to be the best class ever for OSU. That could still happen. But does anyone else get the sense that a lot of the top priorities don't have OSU as the favorite, or have already committed to other schools even?

Now, I know recruiting can change by the minute when you're dealing with teenagers making huge, difficult decisions and there are still over 9 months until signing day, but it just doesn't seem like this class may be as loaded as some previously thought it might be. I'm sure UFM and Co. will reel in top-flight talent but how much of it this year is the question, when the #1 class was the expectation this past February.


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