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Comment 10 Nov 2019

I actually made note of that play by Olave diving forward as it happened live. Maryland did well to stop it and it was a veteran move to put his head down and get the first. 

Sky’s the limit for the team. 

Comment 01 Nov 2019

All of my Jake’s comments get thrown out for me after the Collinsworth piece. Haha. Can’t stand him. 

Every announcer is supposed to be prop up whoever is playing at the time, but his amount of talking about how great so many guys are each night he’s on air is terrible. NFL football night games are un-listenable between him and the MNF crew IMO. 

Comment 01 Nov 2019

I get it. But I just have a feeling that this coaching staff has a unique way of saying, yeah, we’re pretty good, but nowhere close to where we need to be. 

This was my only complaint of Meyer over the last couple years. It didn’t seem he continued to push the envelope, instead saying were good and winning most games. In today’s era, that’s not good enough. Don’t leave it up to a group of 12 to decide your fate. JMO. 

Comment 05 Oct 2019

I thought before the season 1 of 2 things would happen this year: 

1) Day would need time to adjust as a full time head coach and OSU would lose 2-3 games OR 

2) He already has it figured out and he’s going scorched earth on the rest of the conference this year with an absolutely loaded roster. 

We know which one it’s been so far. Here’s to hoping it continues tonight! 

Comment 25 Sep 2019

"You managed to get to the CCG and beat this team, but actually, we think they're still better so sorry, but you're out."  

This is absolutely absurd. I get the idea but it's stupid. It's SEC logic in that it doesnt really matter if you lose. Bama gets beat by some SEC team and 'oh well, they play a gauntlet, they're bound to lose at some point so it shouldn't matter because they're still better.' 

It would literally increase the problem we already have with these teams getting preferential treatment because they appear to be better, results be damned. Do I think 2014 OSU was better than alabama? No, I don't and if Lane Kiffin had ran Derrick Henry all game, OSU loses. But they didnt and OSU won. Should we say that alabama gets to play for the title anyway even though they lost because we think Alabama is better? That's the argument here. 

Comment 23 Sep 2019

I’m wondering if that means he will be by next fall. I believe some guys take heavier summer workloads  to speed up the process (which regular students typically don’t) so maybe that’s how. Or high school AP courses for college credit. In any event, hope he finds what he’s looking for. 

Comment 23 Sep 2019

I understand the thinking, but we have to keep in mind the way a football game unfolds. 

Every team has a set number of plays they come into a game with that they think will work and they use them initially to see how a defense plays them. A defense typically plays more base early on to identify how an offense will attack. That’s why you see the ball being moved by these teams for a drive or 2. Then adjustments come and aside from a play or 2, the Silver Bullets have shut the door this year on the last 3 opponents. 

Comment 22 Sep 2019

I take exception to the idea that Ryan Day is going national with recruiting and Michigan can swipe the best ohio guys. 

That's exactly the opposite of what Day has done in his 9 months on the job. He's locking down Ohio and being picky about national guys. Maybe it moves toward a more national approach as he gets a bigger reputation in the coming years, but it's certainly not like that now. 

As for who michigan could get that would scare me? There isn't any one. Just as Juwan Howard doesnt scare me as their b-ball coach, no one that would be willing to accept that job will do any better than they've done recently. 

Comment 22 Sep 2019

3 blocks in 4 games. I get why he isn’t getting more publicity, but in a bigger game against stiffer competition, those plays could be the difference. I’m not thinking about any recent past history or anything....

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Fields moves through his progressions well already and is taking what the defense gives him. Defenses are taking away the big plays and he’s coming back to the sideline routes at 8-10 yards a lot bc of it. 

Eventually, someone will elect to not get beat to death by 1000 paper cuts and attempt to jump those routes. You’ll see big play deep shots as a result. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

I think Victor will technically start at X. I think Hamilton will start over Togiai. I also think Petit-frere will start at RT. They'll let Bowen get considerable reps I believe but he wont start. Only other change might be DE opposite Young. I'd say Cooper starts most games there. 

Comment 04 Aug 2019

Totally agree. He’s playing that old man ball out there and playing up a position or 2, at least based on his size. He’s doing the dirty work for them. 

This team moves the ball well and has a good mix of different skills. I didn’t think they had enough offense to win it all but they’re getting contributions from everywhere and letting matchups dictate where the ball goes.

i think Ravenel’s improvement might be the biggest reason aside from Gibbs for why they’re still playing. He’s been a solid stretch post on both ends this tourney. 

Comment 25 Jul 2019

injuries could be the reason a major run happens. If Kluber comes back healthy and Clevinger keeps pitching well, they'll be much more fresh than the average starter come playoff time. Could lead to good things for Cle. Health is key of course.