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How can I meet the Class of 2013? Staff.

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February 7, 2014 at 4:33pm

I always love the class breakdowns the 11W staff does for us every year, the day after National Signing Day. The 2014 edition was a great read, here is the link:
Here is also the 2012 edition:

BUT I can’t find the 2013 edition. I like to go back and read some of these just because the 11W staff does such a great job breaking down the class, that it’s fun and interesting to go back and look at the previous classes and what the 11W staff had to say about each recruit for that class. Can someone help me find the 2013 edition of these posts? Or have the link for it?
Maybe the 11W Staff Members can help me out here. Thanks everyone! It’s greatly appreciated! Go Bucks!

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