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Comment 15 Aug 2017

I was just about to come on here and ask why the staff isnt going after Walker a little harder than what they are. Dudes a beast. I watched his highlights from the opening and man he looks bigger than what he is.

could you imagine and OLine class of Carman, Wray, Jones & Walker? Thats a big ass OLine and they havnt even touched the weights or the S&C program yet. 

Comment 01 Aug 2017

Andrew Chatfield has officially taken all OSU committed stuff off of his twitter profile. Used to say committed to Ohio State blah blah blah

he just also just tweeted out "Official offer from Florida". Think this kid is all but decommitted and committed to Florida

Comment 30 Jul 2017

Can tou post on here if you post it on ebay? If not, are you willing to trade anything for it? I have a bunch of autographs and stuff

Comment 28 Jul 2017

Anyone happen to have a Camo mini helmet that they would be willing to trade or sell? 

I have a bunch of bobbleheads, autographs, cards, or anything.

we can do half trade/half cash, or cash, or just trade. 

Really looking for one please

Comment 18 Jul 2017

SpoonerBuck33 said in the 2018 class thread:

Per Rivals here is a tentative (I say tentative bc there's never been a definite list in any of the previous years) list as of today for FNL. Keep in mind there's always more names added throughout the week:

2018 RB Brian Snead (committed)
2018 RB Master Teague (committed)
2018 ATH Jaelen Gill (committed)
2018 WR Kamryn Babb
2018 WR Blue Smith
2018 OL Max Wray (committed)
2018 DE Brenton Cox (committed)
2018 DE Jayson Oweh
2018 DE Micah Parsons
2018 DT Tommy Togiai 
2018 LB Dallas Gant (committed)
2018 LB Chris Oats
2018 DB Jaiden Woodbey (committed)
2018 DB Josh Proctor (committed)
2018 DB D.J. Johnson
2019 QB Dwan Mathis
2019 RB John Branham
2019 WR Jadon Haselwood
2019 WR Julian Barnett
2019 WR Ronnie Hickman
2019 OL Doug Nester
2019 OL Zeke Correll
2019 OL Devontae Dobbs
2019 DE Noah Potter
2019 DE Dontay Hunter
2019 DT Rodas Johnson
2019 LB Dezman Cooper
2019 ATH Kenny McIntosh 
2019 ATH Isaiah Williams
2020 RB Khalil Branham
2020 RB Mike Drennen
2020 OL Jake Wray
*2018 OL Jackson Carman - based off what Givler heard today he will be there 

*2018 QB Emory Jones - Givler said tOSU he and his mom are trying to make arrangements for Emory to be there

*2018 TE Jeremy Ruckert - pretty safe bet he will be there for the first time as a commit

*2019 ATH Kenny McIntosh is a big time visitor and a big time DB prospect for 2019 class

*2018 DT Tommy Togiai - this is a massive visit, literally, that's gone relatively unnoticed. I know some want to compare this to Tufele, whom I compare Tommy to, but Tufele never made an unofficial visit like Tommy is doing. I'm hoping Haskell Garett is attached to his hip all night since they're both poly boys

**Commit watch - Kamryn Babb, Doug Nester, and Jayson Oweh are the names right now to watch. 

Comment 12 Jul 2017

Whos the Bama commit coming to FNL? Saw on Bucknuts.

believe it is Defensive End, Jordan Davis

Comment 11 Jul 2017

Heres a link to bucknuts for a article on guys who will be in attendance


Comment 11 Jul 2017

Carman deciding between Clemson event & FNL.

Ruckert will most likely be in attendance after he commits to OSU. 

I also wouldnt be shocked to see Tyreke Smith & L'Christian smith come to FNL. 

Comment 09 Jul 2017

Read somewhere over the weekend that Parsosn and Cox will be also attending FNL 

Comment 09 Jul 2017

According to Bucknuts Proctor has confirmed that he will also be in attendance for FNL! His first time since pulling the trigger to OSU. 

Comment 09 Jul 2017

Woodbey said on Bucknuts he will also be in for a visit during friday night lights but wont work out

Comment 09 Jul 2017

I actually wasnt the person to bring up Silvera this time, woohoo!!! 

But honestly id take Silvera & Antwuan Jackson over this guy. USC bound for this guy

Comment 08 Jul 2017

Where do you see Nesta Silvera fitting in the class if we land Oweh or Parsons, Cox, Chatfield with the chance of Smith sliding inside with Vincent?

do you see it as Smith, Silvera & Vincent being the DTs and Oweh or Parsons, Cox & Chatfield being the DEs 

or Silvera on the outside looking in if we land Parsons or Oweh and Smith to go with Chatfield, Cox & Vincent

Comment 07 Jul 2017

Didnt he say recently he would be at FNL on July 21, apprently he has gotten the "=" as well & he is committing july 17, with 100% crystal balls to Ohio State.......

he has to be picking someone other than Ohio state

Comment 07 Jul 2017

 It looks like Brian Snead will be in attendance for Friday night lights as he confirmed on bucknuts

Comment 04 Jul 2017

Thats what I was thinking. I mean im reading 5-6 guys on the DLine for this class. Already got Vincent, Chatfield & Cox. You already know they most likely got Smith in the bag. Then they are going after Parsons, Oweh, & Silvera & maybe a few others hopefully including Antwuan Jackson from Blinn College. 

Smith would make 4, Parsons or Oweh would make 5, they decide to get 5, thats it. Numbers get tight, maybe they only take 5. I honestly would love to have Oweh & Parsons in the class, but Id rather have Silvera.

Silvera is one massive dude & our own Andrew Lind said he is a tank on a mission with a nasty streak! 

Comment 04 Jul 2017

Everything Ive been reading about Silvera and his tape and everything about the Opening, you would think Silvera would be someone the staff would be going after hardcore. The chances of landing him is real and more than likely than not. I would imagine the staff would want to add him over a guy like Oweh and possibly Parsons with his off the field stuff. 

Id say Smith & Silvera would be the top options on the DLine and possibly Parsons if they miss on either or they have room. Thats if Im the coach

silvera is just a beast