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When Do We Make in Game Adjustments?

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December 3, 2023 at 11:19am

This stuck out at me from the SEC championship.  Maybe this is what separates Saban from the rest.  

After conceding 83 yards over eight plays, Alabama responded to keep Georgia out of the endzone until the start of the fourth quarter. 

“After the first drive, we played almost all split safeties,” Saban said postgame. " ... Middle-of-the-field coverage didn’t do us much good today.

“We went into the game thinking we couldn’t play it. But after the first drive, I said, ‘Can’t get any worse, let’s just start playing it.’ Because that was the plan. That was the plan that we wanted to take ‘em away. The guys did a good job of executing it.”

Saban made the defensive scheme adjustment after the first drive and it paid off. I think this along with teams never beating him the same way or twice in a row are things that stand out.  How long do we take to make changes?  Do we wait until half time?  Any thoughts?

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