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Jim Knowles in 2023: The Other End of the Spectrum

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September 28, 2023 at 5:42pm

Saturday night was extremely frustrating, yet refreshing for many. I can not tell you the last time Ohio State won a big game with their defense. I guess maybe 2019 Penn State, and 2016 TTUN.

Last year we knocked Knowles for taking unnecessary risks. 7 or 8 man pressures in situations that were unneeded. Leaving his struggling DB's on islands when they didn't have to.

I saw a lot of potential Saturday night, but there is a ton of work to be done. They didn't hold up in the trenches, pressure has been an issue all year.

But most of all, the DB's were consistently 10-12 yards off the ball. I worry that Knowles has toned it down SO much that we are giving up unnecessary yardage. I'm not asking for press man on every play. But Burke, Hancock, and Igbinosun are more than capable of playing 5-6 yards of the ball successfully. ND's first touchdown drive was set up by a quick throw because the DB's were 12 yards off the ball in the redzone. I hope a balance is found, but it is strange to be worried about the opposite of last year with the same DC.

It is nice to see some kind of adjustment, I just hope its not an over adjustment

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