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We Should Copy ND’s 2nd TD Playcall

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September 26, 2023 at 5:44am

I’ve watched the play about five times and I can’t figure out how to defend it.  They are on about the two in a bunch formation on the left.
1. The two inside receivers release slightly inside and sit down at the goal line bringing two DBs to the front of the end zone. 
2. Rico Flores is the outside receiver of the bunch and he fakes left and runs a slant post. Igbinosun stutters at the fake enabling  Flores to cut to the opening in the back of the end zone which is uncluttered because the other DBs are sucked up to the goal line. 
3. BUT - before we jump on an OSU DB for slipping, and this is the best part, the RB flares to the left toward the bunch. If Igbinosun had stuck with Flores, Hartman would have flipped to the RB who walks into the end zone. The only guy who could have traced him would have been the LB who could have never made it through the traffic if the RB received the ball. 
it seemed like our play selection inside the five was straight “our guy against your guy”, that’s fine and I get it.  But on a third or fourth down, this play design gave the QB several options .

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