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Born and raised in the Hall of Fame City, and now living in Nashville where it's all Alabama all the time. Played WR at D3 Ohio Wesleyan where we used to practice in the shoe to prepare for artificial surface games back in the 80's. My QB was Jeff Long, former AD at Arkansas, who was head of the NCAA playoff selection committee for 2014 and 2015 seasons. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Midnight on Jan.1,2015 celebrating at the SuperDome after we beat Bama in the first semifinal round playoff ever
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Dane Sanzenbacher
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns & Whoever I draft in fantasy

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Comment 22 Jun 2019

You won’t get crap for wearing buckeye gear in this town for two reasons :

1. there are 3 bars in Nashville dedicated to OSU on fall saturdays , and they are all louder than vandy stadium ( except when Bama plays here).

2. We beat Bama and won a natty , which means “sec baby” doesn’t carry much weight in local bar discussions. It really won’t until Bama or Georgia beats us in a playoff game 

Comment 20 Jun 2019

I always had tremendous respect for the  psu Engineering school based on experience with guys I work with at a large tier one automotive supplier company. But I was surprised to see that they are not rated very highly in the rankings of engineering programs (US news & World report etc)

Comment 16 Jun 2019


there seem to be a certain subset of followers on this site that motivate me to comment (when I’m not providing solutions to the head coach from my vast coaching acumen - one year as an 8th grade head coach !)

you gave  a realistic take that makes me reflect on players that seem like can’t miss recruits who just can’t seem to break out at OSU. I think back on Dontre Wilson, Hilliard, Jamel Dean, and Mike Mitchell. I can’t really remember guys like this in the Tressel era, and that could very well be that Urban brought in so many more 5 stars and high 4 stars - that there are just so many minutes to spread around.   My gosh , at WR we had two guys drafted and another who signed as a FA, and we still have Mack, Victor and K.J. Hill.   Not to mention Garret Wilson. So I guess it’s a product of being loaded every year. I wish them the best and admire their dedication to the OSU brotherhood.

Comment 18 May 2019

C’mon man. Weber went in the 5th round after playing his junior year in this offense. He was regarded as a steal by the cowboys. The O line could not move bodies in short yardage situations with the pro style QB against the lower tier of the big ten.

 A lot was made of their zone block training that couldn’t translate to the pro style. There simply weren’t running lanes, and worse, the RBs were hit behind the line of scrimmage often - so their 2 yard gains were a testament to their abilities. He will be running behind a much more athletic O line this year. I fully expect to see 1,500 yards this year.

Comment 10 May 2019

Here’s why I don’t expect a 3 loss season. Last season Meyer was either not on the sideline, or a ghost on the sideline. With the headaches and need to suppress outbursts, I don’t think Meyer was making decisions or setting gameplans. The coordinators handled it all from August to January as far as football operations go. My concern was not having the legend as figure head for recruiting - and I think Day did a hell of a job closing out the class with offensive lineman and QB transfers after NFL departures.

i absolutely love that ttun fans are breathing a sigh of relief that Meyer is gone, as if OSU suddenly loses the best game day X and O mind from the sideline, and Shea Patterson is going to suddenly break out from being above average in a spread offense. Who the hell do they think called the offensive game that hung a record 63 points on their #1 ranked defense last November ?

Comment 03 May 2019

Don’t remind me. I drive up two hours every year to the Derby to meet friends from Chicago, Cincinnati, and Canton. But I promised myself after last year’s torrential downpour that’s I’d never do that again. It’s pouring right now and there is a 95% chance of rain all day in Louisville. Just not going to do it - you can’t even keep your racing form dry.

Comment 20 Apr 2019

AND for me, it was the fact that JT accumulated 646 carries. That absolutely had to impact his legs needed for footwork and passing. It irritates the hell out of me when I look at his passing in ‘14 vs tendency to run in ‘17.  

Do you realize that Eddie George was a Heisman trophy RB , and he had about 740 carries ?  So we ran our QB as much as a Heisman RB. During the ‘14 game when he went down, several of us in the stands were saying in the first half that they were going to get him killed. Well, he did go down that day.   

Comment 20 Apr 2019

3yd - omg the “who played QB in HS” question is exactly where I am. When we went into playoff season in 2014 with Cardale, our back up was a 5 star former QB in Jalen Marshall.  I never wanted to see it, but if it had come to pass, I felt that Jalen was at least battle tested, and could make plays somehow. 

I was wondering if even one of the athletic TEs or LBs played QB. Remember that last year MSU went with Rocky whoever last year, a former LB, who actually played as well as Lewerke.

Comment 19 Apr 2019

I don’t think it’s Ryan’s day’s approach at all. I think it is all on Haskins leaving early. Otherwise the cycle would have been Haskins in ‘19, Baldwin in ‘20 with a competition with Miller in ‘21, then Miller in ‘22-‘23 with a new stud in waiting. 

Baldwin would have probably stayed realizing that the throne would have been his after Haskins second year.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Either way, feels like we’re screwed.

even Tua didn’t make it through the season unscathed last year. Haskins staying healthy wire to wire attests to the quality of Oline play. Gonna need a run game this time.

Comment 18 Apr 2019

JT Barrett OSU career passing stats only :

769 completions

9,434 yards

104 TDS 

Maybe he led on the field a little bit too

Comment 15 Apr 2019

I hope Buckeye fans lay off of  Tate amid his early stage performance as a Miami QB.

First, Outwardly, Tate was a Buckeye recruiter and then Buckeye positive until some were bent out of shape about his comments during Rose Bowl interviews. Second, why would Buckeye fans not want to see him and Joe Burrow succeed. Third, the guy who took his presumed spot went 4 of 13.  Neither are a finished product.

Comment 13 Apr 2019

My two greatest spring game memories were in 2013 when the game was in Cinci - drove up from Nashville, spent the day watching Braxton and Carlos Hyde, and then drive back in one grand day.

then in 2015, watched the lax game (I think vs Maryland) and the NFL roster-to-be, anticipating a repeat of the national championship wearing my “85 yards through the heart of the south” shirt .

Comment 13 Apr 2019

This is great on all levels as an example for OSU to use in recruiting. 1.  to compliment the type of player being recruited for his cerebral approach after the old coach retired.  2. And then to be able to point to the fact that against all the other offers, he sides with OSU AGAIN, with a completely (almost) new defensive coaching staff.