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Born and raised in the Hall of Fame City, and now living in Nashville where it's all Alabama all the time. Played WR at D3 Ohio Wesleyan where we used to practice in the shoe to prepare for artificial surface games back in the 80's. My QB was Jeff Long, former AD at Arkansas, who was head of the NCAA playoff selection committee for 2014 and 2015 seasons. So I've got that going for me, which is nice.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Midnight on Jan.1,2015 celebrating at the SuperDome after we beat Bama in the first semifinal round playoff ever
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Dane Sanzenbacher
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns & Whoever I draft in fantasy

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Comment 6 hours ago

For the first time in about 5 Mondays, I didn’t wake up to read some drivel about canceling a season, or not reconsidering canceling a season, or rumors about reinstating a season. Every one of those Mondays I would shake my head and say “this is a crime against fantastic young men who had a chance to do something unforgettable”. And now , the nightmare is over .  Good day to all !!!

Comment 20 Sep 2020

You are right in man. McCaffrey put some fear in me, but a huge dude who wasn’t even Patterson’s back up and has little experience reading a defense ?  Oh - and behind one returning Oline starter ?  

let’s put it this way, we wouldn’t be talking about this if all these players wore a red W or a single blue stripe on their helmets. It would be a non-story.

Comment 18 Sep 2020

I think it’s a bunch of hooey , from MgoBlog :

”Milton is acquiring a lot of offseason hype; this could be an indicator he has improved vastly over the past couple years and McCaffrey didn't want to stick around. That's the optimistic take. The less optimistic take is that McCaffrey left for whatever reason and now Milton is being handed the job more or less by default.”

given the fact that Milton wasn’t the great Shea Patterson’s backup, and given the fact that there has been no spring ball or any other real football where he would have actually won the job, it’s pretty obvious to me that Milton was “handed the job by default”. 

McCafffey likely looked at the smoke from the dumpster fire - including the departure of Nico Collins,   and the only returning offensive lineman (Mayfield) - and said “I’m out while I still have two years to play for a program that can develop me”.

Comment 17 Sep 2020

Sorry guys, but I’ll believe it when I see a good QB up there. Somebody will start for them , and this guy made a couple of runs and threw a jump ball - so I guess that, and the fact that he had a good month in shorts qualifies him.

 Look, Shea Patterson was not even a threat against a team with a top 20 caliber defense, and this guy wasn’t even his backup.  

Comment 25 Aug 2020

OK Lew it’s silver lining time.
we have gone through dark times just about every other year , and somehow we emerge stronger and better. As much of a nightmare as this seems to be, I know we will land on our feet, even if it does spell the end of a college career of generational talent at QB.

In 2012 , who would’ve thought that tattoos would’ve brought us a head coach that stepped the program up from where it was already?

In 2014, who would’ve thought  that the Braxton Miller shoulder would have resulted in JT leading us to a Big Ten championship and then Cardale taking over and leading us to a national championship?

In 2018, who would’ve thought that the Zack Smith debacle would have resulted in revealing the next head coach who is seemingly leading the program to even higher performance? And who would’ve thought that next head coach would’ve gone 16-1, and made the CFP in his first full year? 

so just wait - we will be looking back from our catbird seat and adding another bitch to our belts !

Comment 24 Aug 2020

Well, they don’t have anyone to play if they go rogue. So it was reported by Jeff Snook that Gene Smith had the ADs and presidents of Iowa, penn state, and Nebraska in line, and all they needed were two other teams to have a 10 game home and home season. UM shmucjs and Wisconsin didn’t have the nuts to play because they would have gotten spanked twice each by Ohio State. So they four schools folded up the tent 

Comment 22 Aug 2020

BTN sucks anyway - shilling for everyone except the one team that gives them a chance for ratings in the playoff season.  I'm in - will call today !!!

Comment 21 Aug 2020

The question was about the link between the network and the conference. If the network is a subsidiary of the conference, then we would be sending a message. Kevin Warren clearly doesn’t want to communicate and is turning his back on the Justin fields’ , randy wade’s and big ten parents. My question was, does a boycott of a subset of the big ten get his attention ?  

Comment 20 Aug 2020

This is all very interesting , but what we’re forgetting here is that at PSU, MSU, UM, Wisconsin, Iowa, OSU, and Nebraska, and even Minnesota now - football brings in $50mil plus when you count Ticket sales, concessions and logo material sales. And the economic impact on the cities is probably even more when you consider hotels, restaurants, bars etc.  so yes - Rutgers and Maryland  tip the scales the other way with NW, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue,  if one school from the haves voted no , it’s deadlocked , mostly  based on cash flow. And the commish casts the deciding vote because he gets paid from big ten network revenue and dues. So should we call cable and cancel ?

Comment 20 Aug 2020

It’s hard enough to go undefeated and win a national championship. But my God, August comes and rips us a new asshole time and time again. If it isn’t Braxton’s shoulder, it’s Zach Smith, and if it isn’t Zach Smith, it’s a ruling that we can’t play in the post season. And if not that, it’s a stubborn ass conference commissioner jonesing to make a name for himself and expecting all of the conferences to follow his courageous lead.   If I didn’t know better I would say that there is a conspiracy against us. 

Comment 11 Aug 2020

For the sake of Fields, Olave, Davis, Wade and seniors, I hope the big ten makes a decision one way or another and doesn’t drag this on for three weeks. If they decide to cancel, then let these players all be set free to play for Jeff Hafley at BC. Then we could watch OSU’s DC And players win the ACC , beating Clemson, and then upsetting Bama in the two conference championship !

Comment 05 Aug 2020

Anybody hear tell of a big ten conference call interaction between Harbaugh and Day that Jimmy kicked off by saying that Ohio State is actively coaching on-field before the coaching  period that begins this Friday ?  I guess Say shot back “you were about your team and I’ll worry about mine.”

and then, to the buckeye players he said “they had better hope for a mercy rule this year because we’re going to hang a hundred on them.” Maybe why we saw so much chatter from Fields and Davis about beating the brakes off them ?

Comment 29 Jul 2020

Interesting that the top DE is $39mil ahead of the top WR who is $4mil ahead of the top RB in the league. 20 years ago, the RB would have been the highest paid. Think of the days when Emmett Smith, Terrell Davis, and Marshall Faulk ruled the NFL. Didn’t it seem that they (RB’s)  lasted longer back then ?  Idk, maybe their careers have been shortened because the same DE’s (and LBs) are now so much more athletic and speedy, they can get more hits on the RB’s ?