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Top 5 OSU WRs Since 2000

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June 8, 2023 at 11:11pm

Since we've done a top 5 list for OSU quarterbacks this century, I thought it'd be fun to try the same for the gaudy list of receivers we've had. You can make your list based off who you think are the five best overall or your five favorites. Mine are the top 5 I'd take in a pickup game.

  1. Marvin Harrison Jr. - A complete receiver who makes some of the spectacular catches look easy.
  2. Ted Ginn Jr. - My favorite Buckeye of all-time. Not among the greatest technicians or route runners, but you can't beat world class speed.
  3. Garrett Wilson - I think the best overall receiver in this group. Has it all: speed, route running, phenomenal hands.
  4. Santonio Holmes - Similar to Wilson in that Holmes could do it all. A lot of folks forget how fast he was because he played opposite Ginn. I can only fathom the stats he'd put up had he played in Day's offense while being coached by Hartline.
  5. Jaxon Smith-Njigba - The poor guy can't even sleep with bed sheets because he's uncoverable. 

There are too many honorable mentions to list because of how stacked we've been at the position, but the one I wanted to name was the eternally underrated Michael Jenkins. Speed is great, but sometimes you just need a big-bodied guy to pluck the ball out of the sky, whether it's on a 4th and 1 bomb or a 4th and 14 to move the chains in the biggest game of the year.

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