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I usually don't post or comment during Buckeye games because I'm busy yelling at my TV. But I do enjoy chatting any other time.


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Comment 14 Sep 2020

Burrow used to build a rapport with Mike Thomas 

I haven't followed the Bengals offseason moves much this season. So when I heard "the pass intended for Mike Thomas", I thought for a second they traded for Can't Guard Mike. 

Comment 14 Sep 2020

Forgot something. On Burrow's TD run, he had one defender to beat, but instead of trying to outrun him, he waited for Trey Hopkins to get in front of him to seal the block before accelerating. That was an awesome move by Burrow.

Comment 14 Sep 2020

I didn't watch the game live, but I watched the highlights afterward: 

  • I'm highly optimistic about Burrow. 
  • Good God, Bosa vs. Bobby Hart is like watching Mike Tyson fight a middle schooler. Why the hell do the Bengals insist on keeping him as the starter?
  • I thought Jonah Williams played well from what I saw.
  • Kinda went unnoticed, but I was surprised to see how much Zac Taylor adjusted his offense. They seemed to run a lot of 5 wide formations and RPOs that they hardly ran at all last season. It genuinely looked like Burrow was running the exact same offense he ran at LSU last season.
  • That was the most Bengal end to a game I've seen since the playoff game vs. Pittsburgh.
Comment 12 Sep 2020

Remember when some of you wanted Matt Campbell to succeed Urban?

Comment 09 Sep 2020

I assume a player that tests positive won't be allowed to play. But then again, an overwhelming majority of B1G players test negative and aren't allowed to play anyway, so who knows at this point?

Comment 08 Sep 2020

I apologize for the long post in advance.

I'm 24 years old. The first year I started watching Buckeye football was 2002 when I was 6 (good year to start, right?). Ever since I started regularly watching OSU, their record against Michigan is 16-2. In addition to my Buckeye fandom, I've also been a lifelong Bengals, Reds, and Blue Jackets fan. Bengals have been owned by the Steelers, Reds have been owned by the Cardinals, and the Blue Jackets have mainly been owned by the Penguins, so I know what it's like for my teams to not be able to dethrone their rivals, and I don't take OSU's dominance over Michigan for granted. But having been lucky to avoid the Cooper years, I've also never had to experience much turmoil of having the Bucks' dreams be crushed by Michigan, and therefore haven't had that extra spice of disdain that I would possess had I lived through the 90s.

With all that being said, there have been occasions where Michigan wasn't my most despised foe. Some times it's been Penn State, other times it's been Sparty (for obvious reasons), and Carroll's Trojans, Urban's Florida teams, and Dabo's Tigers have also crept into that realm of elite hatred. That's because they've destroyed OSU's seasons. Michigan players and coaches talk shit, but routinely get their asses kicked. But this is different.

The University of Michigan's outright refusal to try and play football in 2020, and their fan base's support for this decision and disgusting behavior toward the players and their families who want to play a fall season, is despicable. I can honestly say that for the first time in my 18 years of watching Buckeye football that Michigan has cost Ohio State a chance at a national championship, which is both hilarious and infuriating, knowing that they couldn't beat the Bucks on the field, and that Ryan Day has been deprived of topping his last two masterpieces of offensive destruction against those sons of bitches.

So yeah, I think I've finally gotten that extra spice of disdain I talked about earlier. Fuck Michigan.

Comment 07 Sep 2020

According to 24/7Sports, Kuechly was the 28th ranked player from Ohio in the '09 class, and the 45th nationally ranked outside linebacker. He took official visits to Boston College, Virginia, Duke, and Stanford, before committing to BC.

Not only did OSU not recruit him, I don't know if UC or any of the Ohio MAC schools did either.