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I usually don't post or comment during Buckeye games because I'm busy yelling at my TV. But I do enjoy chatting any other time.


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Comment 22 hours ago

I disagree. They scored 7 points against an ASU team that just surrendered 42 to Colorado. The only reason they're ranked is because of their preseason placement.

Comment 23 hours ago

Chase Young. Everyone knew he was great, but if he continues playing like this, you could make an argument that he's the best D-lineman in the school's history. As of right now, I think he's the best player in the country.

Comment 23 hours ago

A true man of the people, uploading full games knowing full well they'll be taken down. Thanks, BuckDubbs. Your sacrifice shan't be forgotten.

Comment 22 Sep 2019

This is considered OSU's trap game of the season (on the road at least). But unlike the past two seasons, I feel more confident in this team, even more than after their comeback victory against Penn State two years ago. I'm not expecting a blowout. Lincoln at night isn't an easy place to play. But I do think the Bucks will win by multiple scores, something like 42-27.

Comment 22 Sep 2019

Oh my God, I turned that WSU game off at halftime because it was getting embarrassing. HOW do you blow a 32 point lead at home to a winless team?!?!

Comment 20 Sep 2019

Gene has done a tremendous job. Just from a football perspective, look at some of the dysfunction in the AD department at schools like Tennessee, Florida State, UCLA, USC, etc. All those blue blood schools have passed up elite coaching talent in favor of someone else, and it's blown up spectacularly in their faces. I understand he's made a couple head-scratching decisions, but good God, he gets unfairly raked over the coals by some of you. No one makes the right decision 100% of the time. Think about that next time you see a former elite school losing to the Appalachian State's, Georgia State's, or Louisiana-Monroe's of the football world.

Comment 20 Sep 2019

I actually watched the final 2 minutes of that game. Houston tied the game on a field goal thanks to a terrible roughing the passer call. Then Tulane responds with this. If I remember the stats, Tulane's QB only had 7 completions but for 200+ yards. Just a crazy statistic.
On another note, Houston has fallen off a cliff since Herman left. They're now 1-3. I know they're not a blue blood, but they've gone from being in the conversation for the playoffs to bottom feeder in less than five years.

Comment 18 Sep 2019

Schiano may have had the Co-DC label, but that was Fickell's defense, and they were awesome.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

You're right. But I'm just pumped for how this team's played so far. UC is a good team, especially on defense, and they didn't stand a chance. Indiana always put up a fight against Urban's teams, and they got pulverized in Bloomington. You can just sense the difference.