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Is Mickey Marotti's Strength and Conditioning Program out of Touch?

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June 6, 2023 at 2:29pm

You know, looking back at the last several years where we have had major injuries at key positions, also listening to Cayden Curry saying he lost speed when he had to bulk up, my question is why did he get bulked up? Sometimes yes a kid needs to add weight, but why when he was already 240 does he need to bulk up to 260 lbs? Will Anderson, who was drafted as a defensive end into the NFL was 230 lbs. Why are we getting away from speed and going back to being bigger?

Perhaps we need to actually look at how S&C is especially on the defensive side of the ball. Plus the injuries I am betting correlate to forcing guys to get bigger, when the majority of these high school kids are already in a frame that 20 years ago would be a college junior. High School S&C has come along way, look at Sonny Styles as an example, dude was 17 years old, and looked like a college junior.

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