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Three Things: Care/Don't Care (post Wisconsin)

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September 26, 2022 at 8:55am

Care: Buckeye rush defense is legit.

Yes, we have a history of shutting down the vaunted run games and all star running backs of Wisconsin more often than not. Allen is a certified stud and we shut him down. He had one play against third string guys that accounted for almost a quarter of their entire offensive production. The Buckeye rush defense is legit.

Don't care: the passing defense stats

Our new corners played extremely well for their first starts. They stepped up and did great. I'm. Seeing the stats from the game and it keeps being mentioned how Mertz didn't do much. The problem is that Mertz is also a really subpar quarterback. Truly terrible at points of that game. I can remember at least three open guys he just straight up missed by yards. Our passing defense is so much better than last year but this game proves nothing to me other than we have some guys on the bench that got really valuable playing time.

Care: Buckeye rushing offense.

Wisconsin's rush defense is not a pushover. They are very good. The Buckeyes made them look like they were an FCS school. This was a game where it was clear Day wanted to establish that we can move the ball and score by huge plays, and death by a thousand cuts. We absolutely dominated. Also, Miyan Williams is still our most effective back dating back to last season. Henderson looks a lot better and is getting the tough yards he almost refused to get last year, but Williams has that energy that few backs so clearly display every time they touch the ball.

Don't care: the AP and Coaches polls.

Yes, they are extremely inconsistent and have voting members that don't watch nearly enough to cast an educated vote. Some conferences get better treatment than others. The Buckeyes are one of 3 teams this year that the polls don't matter right now. Destiny is completely unaffected by those lists, and the perception of a gap between those three teams and everybody else is massive. We need to care about us, and only us. The rest will shake out.

Care: offensive playcalling

Holy moly does it seem like Day/Wilson have taken it up a notch this year. The variety of calls throughout the game this week was astounding and Wisconsin had no answer. I do think a team with comparable talent at all three levels would have stopped a few of the plays that looked so good (Stroud laser TD at the end of his game would have been picked or incomplete against a team like UGA. It was an NFL throw but a better secondary gets in front of that pass). However, the emergence of Cade Stover, our route trees, usage of the FB at the goal line, not relying on either running back too much, and our O-line getting push everywhere has opened up the playbook in ways we haven't seen before. It's a marvel to watch.

Dont care: perceived lack of production by our DL (mostly DEs)

Watch the tape. Read Salty's recaps. Buy advanced analytics from PFF. Our guys are very good. So many sti hold every guy on our line to the standards of the greats that have been here in the last decade. And that's unreasonable. We have played mostly mobile QBs so far this year, and Wisconsin couldn't throw the ball if they wanted. Our guys get pressure, the line is meant to fill gaps and take up blocks so the LBs or other blitzes can get home, and they are playing really really well. If you want sacks only, then I'm sorry because you'll be disappointed. If you want a bunch of guys that can do their job well week in and week out, you're happy right now.

Anything I'm missing here? What are the things you care/don't care about so far this season?

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