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BuckeyeTalk's Discussion on Denzel Burke

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September 23, 2022 at 10:34am

Morning everyone,

I was listening to BuckeyeTalk's Wisconsin preview and towards the end Stephen Means had a story on an encounter with Denzel Burke during Thursday's practice. Apparently when Stephen was entering the Woody halfway through practice and he ran into Denzel Burke who was being dropped off with some food and clearly not practicing. Stephen said that it was a bit of a, "Huh, that's weird" moment, but when they discussed the abscence with people in the program everyone insisted that it was an excused abscence and to think nothing of it.

Doug, Nathan, and Stephen went on to discuss other times they've gone "Huh, that's weird" with players during their time on the beat - notably Sevyn Banks. To be clear, all three hosts are not saying that anything is going on with Denzel. They reiterated about 50 times that this is just something to note and not something to overthink. Players do occasionally have excused abscences and nothing more happens from there, but given Denzel's struggles this year they figured it was worth mentioning.

Link to the podcast is below if you're interested in hearing directly from them and not me paraphrasing, worth a listen end-to-end but the Burke discussion is in the last few minutes.


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