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Comment 06 Jun 2017
Eh, I don't see the last season or two tainting Matta just like I don't see Tattoogate tainting Tressell. Matta is a legend, and the single reason OSU basketball became such a national power. It was time to move on, yes, but that doesn't mean he wasn't the best coach we've ever had.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
Thats very good to hear and reassuring as the BOT has the integrity of the university as a whole to protect, and not just the football program. Do you know if all coaching hires are vetted by the BOT or was this a special consideration given the circumstances?
Comment 11 Jan 2017
I 100% agree that Ohio State has traditionally always put the program above anything else. It's one of the reasons why Tressell was let go even though he was and is beloved by fans around the world. Ohio State does not seem to have a cult of personality around anyone except Woody Hayes as we always seem to play off his termination as more of a joke than anything else (we all know Charlie Bauman had it coming). I think the reason I'm more concerned right now is the Baylor and Penn State scandals, which obviously far outweigh Wilson in terms of severity, none the less show the dangers of overlooking things for the sake of a legendary figure (PSU) or on-field success (Baylor). As we were all calling for changes after Clemson, I am simply hoping the proper checks are in place to prevent OSU leadership overlooking things for the sake of success.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
Like all OSU fans I'm definitely behind coach Marotti, but is there anything saying the board of trustees actually vet athletic hires? I wasn't sure if those hires ran through Meyer and Gene Smith as the athletic department functions independently of the academic institution. Not that I don't trust Meyer and Smith, I'm just hoping the Clemson loss didn't encourage our leadership to overlook some qualities in pursuit of athletic success.
Comment 11 Jan 2017
It's distinctly possible, if not likely, that this post will just be removed, downvoted, devolve into meme's, or I'll be blocked from posting; I'm well aware of that. And maybe I missed it but just reading the current top article on 11w about his hiring there is about 3 sentences about his termination before diving into stats about the success of his offense and a comment section full of gifs of Denzel Washington saying boom. I think this is the best Ohio State forum online and the best place for fans and alumni to discuss our university, so I'm hoping for the best. Like I said, I believe one of the most important responsibilities fans have is to look critically at what we'll accept as a program, and Lord knows I haven't a clue whether or not the allegations are true. I'm hoping to see what others think. Also I'm writing all of this on my phone and it's tough to do that on this site, I'm sorry for any grammar or spelling issues.
Comment 22 Dec 2016
Buffalo native here, excited for more of us to join the Buckeye clan. A few questions from me: If you can only choose one, do you go to Duffs or Anchor Bar? You just kicked the game winning kick against Michigan, whats your go to celebration? Air guitar? Windmill? Bosa-shrug? Ickey shuffle? As a kicker, if you could go back in time and give advice to Scott Norwood before Super Bowl XXV, what would you say? Welcome to the team!
Comment 06 Dec 2016
I love Thad Matta, I really do. Buckeye basketball would be a shadow of what it is now without him, but it has to be time to at least consider the possibility that it's time for him to step down. Recruiting has dropped, player development has slowed our stagnated, the mass exodus of players recently, and we keep losing to teams we shouldn't. There is no modern Buckeye basketball presence without Thad, but there's no Virginia Tech without Beamer, no FSU without Bowden, and so many more. Sometimes it's just time to move on.
Comment 04 Nov 2016

Exactly, and unfortunately most of us don't gain perspective until we are bitten. Loans and parents paid my way through undergrad and I skipped a few classes here and there, I won't deny it. I was one of the luckier ones to get a good job post graduation 

Then I started grad school about a year ago paying my own rent, bills, books, tuition, etc. and I'll cut a toe off before I skip these classes and don't participate. School's expensive, yo.

Comment 04 Nov 2016

Shitty jobs are a different thing when you are living rent free on someone else's dime.

This the main take away I get from the posters lament. He doesn't understand the value of money yet and I'm guessing, like quite a number of college students, parents are still footing the bill for the vast majority of his expenses. 

In the end of the day motivation won't come from an internet forum, the poster won't fully understand the value of what he's skipping until he deals with the real difficult challenges of life.