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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field in 2006
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: James Laurinaitis
  • NFL TEAM: Buffalo Bills
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Comment 23 hours ago

So I was born and raised a fan of Buffalo sports, as such it's deeply embedded in my soul that my favorite team will lose every game they play; graduating from OSU has started to change that mentality as OSU wins most of their games... With that in mind my anxiety over this game was decently low given the talent disparity and all the other metrics.

Then I saw that man's mustache.


Didn't realize we were playing the lovechild of Snidely Whiplash, Bill the Butcher, and Dick Dastardly. Christ, do we have any excellent mustaches on the roster that can counter that!?

Comment 12 Oct 2020

Unrelated - but any gif that shows actual OSU fans and not the "super" fans gets +1 from me. If we could replace any reference to the "super" fans with moments like this I'd be ecstatic 

Comment 28 Sep 2020

The Boys (Amazon), Ted Lasso (Apple TV), Love Life (HBO Max), Raven's Quest (Apple TV), The Grand Tour (Amazon), Chef's Table (Netflix), Cobra Kai (Netflix), Archer (Hulu), The Mandalorian (Disney+), Veep (HBO Max), Westworld (HBO Max), Barry (HBO Max), Community (Netflix), Master of None (Netflix), Altered Carbon (Netflix), The Last Dance (Netflix)

Seen all of those at one point or another and enjoyed them all.

Comment 28 Sep 2020

went through this issue recently and did a ton of research:

  • Apple user? Get the Airpod Pro's. They're excellent, full stop.
  • Android user? Get the Pixel buds if you want the google assistant, get the Galaxy Buds from Samsung if you don't care about google assistant
  • Non specific? get the Jabra Elite Active 75T

You'll probably be happy with any of the above, I ended up with the pixel buds as I wanted top tier call quality for work-from-home and google assistant integration. For those two categories pixel buds are absolutely flawless, but there are issues of audio dropping out if I use both earbuds at once (I typically only use one). If I did it again and I wanted noice-cancelling and better audio when using two earbuds I would have purchased the Jabra.

Comment 08 Sep 2020
Check out some Zach Smith threads if you want to see what it was like. General reaction is relatively the same, everyone not in the fan base is out to get you, national reporters are trash, random facebook posts are king, deny, deny, deny, ohio against the world.
Comment 28 Aug 2020

It's a fair point, no denying Bama's success, I do feel we discount the amount of cards that fell in Bama's direction during their run. They capitalized on opportunities, no question, but where the ball has bounced against OSU a few times it feels like it's always bounced for Bama. Also, just playing devils advocate, from 2015 - 2020 Bama won 2x titles, Clemson won 2x, and LSU won 1. Clemson's recruiting classes from 2013-2020 were ranked 15, 16, 9, 11, 16, 7, 10, and 3.

Of course being #1 in everything would be nice, but I just simply can't be bothered to truly care about ending #1 or #2 as I think recruiting in and of itself is decently subjective on who pans out and who doesn't.

Comment 28 Aug 2020

I feel like the black sheep of OSU fandom in that I've never even remotely cared who ends #1. In my mind if you're consistently top 10 you're conference title/playoff caliber, if you're consistently top 5 you're national title contenders. Ending #1 is totally irrelevant in my mind.

Comment 12 Aug 2020

A few more texts:

Buckeye Talk: More Day:
* Hope bubbling on the Day call. Listen, this is just OSU people talking, but they do matter, and they haven't given up. I checked with Gene Smith and said Day was cracking the door on something in the fall, and Gene said, "still trying to understand what can be done. Asking questions and looking for answers. Nebraska is doing the same. Started last night. Kind of a waiting game on some answers. Trying to understand options or lack thereof. To be clear, we still have the virus to contend with."
* If we thought some things were a hard no -- slightly, slightly less of a hard no right now. But we can't get ahead of ourselves.

Buckeye Talk: OK, just got done. Before we let Day go, I asked a final wrap-up question about all the things he brought up, especially the January start, the chance of doing anything this fall, and the idea of incoming freshmen getting 2 seasons next year that count as one.
I wanted to know how much he thought this was really possible and how much he thought the Big Ten should or will listen to Ohio State.
He said he's going to keep fighting and there's going to be a lot of back and forth and things conceded. But he seemed like a guy with an agenda that he expects to be considered.
My guess? Fall threat is to get January sked OSU wants.

Buckeye Talk: I just texted this to a national reporter friend:"Ryan Day wants a January season to kick everyone's ass with Justin Fields and then let history decide who really was the best team in the country."

He makes a HUGE distinction between January season and spring season. He thinks Jan-Feb season, then a fall, isn't as risky for players as spring then fall. He wants to create a silver lining with early eligibility for guys like TreVeyon Henderson to play WITH Justin Fields and Shaun Wade and Wyatt Davis. And if you make the plan early enough "in weeks, not months" he said, he thinks the NFL-bound Buckeyes will stick around for it 

Comment 12 Aug 2020

Fun fact, I worked for OSU Calling during the Jim Tressel hullabaloo and I always remember the number of calls I made to angry alumni who said some semblance of, "they will never be donating to the University again until they start making more sensible decisions and reinstate fall sports Jim Tressel."

Time is a flat circle.

Comment 11 Aug 2020
I personally think this is overblown, if a player refuses to come to OSU because the B1G might cancel football in a season that has less than zero impact on that recruits college career then I doubt he was super interested in OSU in the first place. Further, what are schools that do play going to say? Don't go to OSU, the B1G cares too much about your health and safety and prioritized that over a shit ton of money! Come to school X, we'll always put money first!! Don't get me wrong, I want the season as much as anyone, but this feels like finding a straw to grasp onto for something everyone is unhappy about already. Adeleye decomitted, that sucks, but he wasn't 100% onboard then suddenly flipped a script because a presidents meeting occured.
Comment 11 Aug 2020

Shame, from everything I've heard he seems like a good kid and a great player. Keep hunting, Coach J, on to the next one!

Comment 03 Aug 2020

Is wiping out scalpers actually an issue? It was my understanding that the secondary ticket market is a big reason why attending a game is so expensive. I may be wrong on that, but it's definitely something I've heard/read before.

Personally, I've never been a collector of basically anything, so this is a non issue for me - in fact I prefer digital as it means one less thing to carry. But I get why people wouldn't like the switch.