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Comment 03 Dec 2017
Haha not sure on that specifically, but Dirk is probably the most well liked figure in Dallas and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Remember that scene in Entourage where turtle wants to tell Tom Brady to kick rocks but ends up liking him a lot by the end? That'll be you if you run into Dirk.
Comment 03 Dec 2017
I will almost assuredly be at that game as well, so feel free to let me know even if I'm much less help for Ft Worth than for Dallas.
Comment 03 Dec 2017
The 6th floor museum? Absolutely! It's incredibly well done too; when I have friends visit we usually check it out. If you go outside it near the grassy knoll there is a guy standing there handing out information about all the conspiracy theories. He's a super nice guy and a lot of fun to talk to.
Comment 03 Dec 2017

Ohh, sorry I should have mentioned that staying in Ft Worth makes Arlington easily accessible as well. I'd give more recommendations for Ft Worth but I don't go there too often. I've always enjoyed it when I have gone in that direction and it has a bit more of a "texas" vibe than Dallas does. Sundance Square has a lot to do in that area, and the Ft Worth Stockyards are very touristy but definitely worth a visit if you've never been.

Comment 26 Nov 2017
Some stretches here but some names to watch: * Pete Golding (DC/DB UTSA): very young, but has UTSA clicking. 7th in total defense, tied 24th in turnovers gained, 26th rushing defense, 11th in scoring defense, 20th in passing D. May even a bit too young for our DC job but he's promising. * Todd Grantham (DC MSSt): 24th in scoring D, 10th in total D. With Mullen moving on this is a strong option. Guy can coach and has good P5 experience. * Danny Gonzalez (DC/S SDSU): 12th in total D, 16th in scoring D, 8th in rushing D. Really like this guy, he's going to get poached by a big school real fast * Orlondo Steinauer (DC Fresno): really new to CFB, but was pretty big in Canadian football. 16th I'm total D, 12th in scoring D. Dunno if it's to early to bring him to the B1G, but he's promising. More than anything else I'd love someone young and hungry like Herman, Ash, Day, Fickell, etc. I'd rather not get someone who's been around the block a while like Schiano or Davis. I feel like we've been missing that fire recently.
Comment 06 Nov 2017
I really hope the staff at 11w has two folders of images of sad/frustrated Urban Meyer and happy/pumped Urban Meyer for use as the header for these articles. Right now we seem to be digging deep in the sad/frustrated Urban Meyer folder.
Comment 05 Nov 2017

I don't think we should fire any of our coaches. Schiano lead an incredible defense last year that was the only reason we stayed in some games, we took a step back this year but sometimes losing your entire defensive secondary is difficult to replace regardless of recruiting. I'm not too keen on Bill Davis thus far, but replacing a coach after 1 half season is ridiculous. Nobody will want to coach here if we just throw people away willy nilly.

Offensively, Barrett has been fundamentally better this season despite being shaky in two losses and I definitely think Day has had an affect on that. Barrett isn't great, but going through 3 coordinators and 2 years under Beck can seriously stunt development. Haskins/Burrow/Martel next year will be a better reflection of Ryan Day's talents. The line has definitely improved year 2ish under coach Stud and the running backs are good as always under Alford. The wide receivers have definitely been getting better throughout the season and I'm a fan of the shift in recruiting focus towards pure wide receivers.

All in all, I think we should take a deep breath and relax. Beat Sparty, Michigan Sucks.

Comment 05 Nov 2017

There are a couple of things I definitely want to look into a little more, and I think the success of Ohio high school recruits could be an interesting analysis. I'd like to find a database of NFL draft/career results to really look into it.

Comment 05 Nov 2017

I'm definitely interested in Meyer vs a few other notable coaches like Saban, Dabo, Fisher, Harbaugh, and Dantonio, but I'll have to make another post about that in the future.

Comment 18 Sep 2017

No real comment, I just wanted to say that I absolutely love these breakdowns you all do. I watch football so much "smarter" then I used to because I can see your breakdowns happening live on screen. This is far and away my favorite things to see on this site and I would absolutely love to see breakdowns of other teams and unique schemes as well.

Awesome job, Kyle!

Comment 17 Sep 2017
People on this site seem so desperate to bury Barrett and praise Haskins I feel like Barrett's incredible record today is getting lost. All time B1G touchdown scorer is now a Buckeye. That's incredible. Hats off to you JT, you're going to leave OSU as one of the best ever, even if everyone (including me at times) only throws shade your way.
Comment 16 Sep 2017
Seriously impressive debut for CJ Saunders, shocked how they can have this kid on the bench, he's a star in the making!!