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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field in 2006
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: James Laurinaitis
  • NFL TEAM: Buffalo Bills
  • NHL TEAM: Buffalo Sabers
  • NBA TEAM: Dallas Mavericks
  • MLB TEAM: Texas Rangers
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 03 Aug 2020

Is wiping out scalpers actually an issue? It was my understanding that the secondary ticket market is a big reason why attending a game is so expensive. I may be wrong on that, but it's definitely something I've heard/read before.

Personally, I've never been a collector of basically anything, so this is a non issue for me - in fact I prefer digital as it means one less thing to carry. But I get why people wouldn't like the switch.

Comment 31 Jul 2020

Sounds like exactly the sort of thing world-destroying AI would want us to think........

Comment 22 Jul 2020
I don't get why anyone cares about this. I hope Coombs negatively recruited, just like I hope everyone does and can never be upset if someone does it to us. Recruiting is a ruthless game, do what you gotta do to get the best players to OSU. If Coombs hacked into a zoom call between Dabo and Hancock just to tell "OSU rules, Clemson drools" and that got Hancock to flip then good on Coombs. Always. Be. Closing. Get that cup of coffee, Kerry, because coffee is for closers.
Comment 17 Jul 2020

Was at the 2014 Sugar Bowl, sat in the Bama section with a good friend who's a Bama alum, can confirm everyone around me was friendly throughout even when I was the only one celebrating in my section at the end.

Comment 16 Jul 2020
How can you possibly be excited about this class? We don't have a kicker!!! We need a top flight kicker every friggin class, no excuses. Don't even get me started on the fact that we totally wiffed on getting a punter in 2020, thank God Ryan Day finally got his act together with Mirco in 2021, but the lack of a true kicker in 2021 is unforgivable.
Comment 14 Jul 2020

Maybe I'm being pedantic, but I don't see it like that. Dallas has a massively booming economy and jobs out the ying-yang, it's possible the move to Dallas is purely based on his parents jobs. I'm from NY, went to school at OSU, and then my parents moved to Atlanta due to my dads job the day I arrived in Columbus.

None the less, not really relevant, was just curious about the point you were making.

Comment 14 Jul 2020

Do most OOS parents move with their kid to Ohio if the kid commits to OSU? I know the Elliots did but I don't think it's super common.

Comment 13 Jul 2020

Live in Dallas, it's an excellent sports city even if I'm not a fan of most of the teams. We have major players in all of the big 4 sports, Mavericks, Rangers, Stars,and the Cowboys all are at least consistently decent if not outright good and there's a good number of options outside of that. FC Dallas and Frisco Rough Riders are all extremely cheap and fun to go to, Dallas Harelquins are a semi-pro rugby team who's games are a blast to go to. On top of it all high school football is amazing; last year I went to the Texas state championship and saw five football games that day in Cowboys stadium, general admission, for $5. That includes teams like Southlake Carroll, Allen, Coppell, and others that are basically low-level college teams with all the prospects.

Comment 10 Jul 2020

Young man knows the importance of a personal brand. Whether intentional or unintentional he's building a very strong case to be the future face of one of the most valuable sports entities on the planet.

Comment 09 Jul 2020

Don't forget Chaos U's new starting QB, Core Rona. Early scouting reports showed they were a relatively low impact recruit not worth much notice; but they absolutely exploded in spring ball and closed the door on any QB controversy at Chaos U with an equally impressive start to summer camp. Returning feature back Part Isanship and leading receiver Antius Maskimus give Core Rona an absolutely deadly combo to spread around.

Keep an eye on this one, if we take them for granted they very well may ruin OSU's entire season.

Comment 05 Jul 2020

Interesting take on Ruckert, I don't think he'd be drafted highly next year if he leaves early but I also don't think another season would change his draft prospects... OSU just doesn't use TE's like the NFL does. 

do, however, think Ruckert is one of those quiet-in-college-suddenly-NFL-all-star type of players. He's stupid talented.

Comment 02 Jul 2020

I understand I'm probably talking to a brick wall but you'd be 100% right that others health is not your concern if this was a non-communicable disease, bit it's not. Nobody is asking you to go around crusading against heart disease, against obesity, or wear a mask to prevent cancer. The community's health is absolutely your concern when we're discussing a highly contagious pathogen. Wearing a mask does not change your life in the slightest, the only significant impact you'll experience is that your glasses might fog up periodically.

What does impact your life is that it's very difficult to go to bars and restaurants right now because they're closed. Travel is much more difficult, especially international travel, where many countries are banning American tourists. People are losing their jobs left right and center which will become your concern as those without jobs create more pressure on the social services that your community has. the list goes on.

Sadly, none of this will sink in for you, I'm just always blown away by people who are 100% individualistic until they need help. The world would be a better place if we all stopped being so selfish.

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Honestly? Not really. At least at the college level. I have a hard time forming dislike for a player, especially a younger man, because he's brash at times. I thought Bakers flag planting was hilarious, I thought it falling over because it's a turf field even funnier, I thought Bosa mimicking the flag after sacking him in the NFL even funnier. Baker planting the flag was one of those amazingly unique and iconic moments that'll stick in college football for all time, it's friggin cool that I was able to watch it live. 20+ years from now our kids will be discussing Zeke's run, Holy Buckeye, the Kick 6, Bakers flag, MSU's punt return to beat UM, Desmond's Heisman pose, etc... It's part of what makes college football special.

I can muster dislike for pro players, *cough* Tom Brady *cough*, because they're adults and multi-millionairs. I find it strange how upset people can get at an unpaid young man who may occasionally not be perfectly PR trained at all times. Lord knows I did/said stupid shit as a 16-22 year old, how can I get upset if someone else does the same thing?

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Just my opinion but this board has a tendency to get unhealthy vendetta's against players, last year was Bijan & Phillips this year appears to be Caleb Williams so far. Caleb Williams is a really good player, Kyle McCord is a really good player... Both of those statements can be true without casting disparages on a kid.

If I was competing in the E11 I would want to know what the record is. Why? Because I'd be a hyper competitive 17-18 year old kid who always wants to be the best. That doesn't mean I'm always going to break the record, just means that's my goal. Williams struggled a bit on day 2, from reports McCord struggled a bit day 1, both outcomes are fine! Asking for the record doesn't make Williams cocky, it doesn't make him arrogant, it doesn't mean "he's listening to his hype", it means he's competitive. If McCord made the same comment EVERYBODY on this board would be saying how much they love his fire, even if he fell short.

Deep breaths everyone, it'll be okay.

Comment 30 Jun 2020
Last year Trent Dilfer and the E11 crew knew their shit... This year? McCord at 8? They're nuts and not even worth following... Next year? When our 2022 QB is first? Dilfer and the E11 crew know their shit again
Comment 30 Jun 2020

it may affect Egbuka

Then I guess we'll just have to rely on Ballard, Harrison Jr., Fleming, Smith-Njigba, Scott Jr., Cooper, Wilson, and others to carry the load.

Comment 30 Jun 2020

I worry that since this will be the only really camp of 2020 that WAY too much emphasis will be put on the performance these kids display in these three days, and less about their game film.

Personally, I couldn't care less. Day wants McCord, McCord is a five star on 24/7, WORST case scenario he drops to an upper 4 star and has absolutely no impact on the first point - Day wants McCord.

Star rankings are fun, but doesn't change who McCord is as a person and a player. Trent Dilfer runs a good camp, but has no impact on McCord as a person or a player.