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MEMBER SINCE   January 27, 2014


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Rushing the field in 2006
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: James Laurinaitis
  • NFL TEAM: Buffalo Bills
  • NHL TEAM: Buffalo Sabers
  • NBA TEAM: Dallas Mavericks
  • MLB TEAM: Texas Rangers
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

Recent Activity

Comment 28 Aug 2019

Yep, basically every bourbon Ramzy has ever reviewed is impossible to find down here. I can find four roses pretty easily which is nice but anything from Buffalo Trace's entire line disappears immediately.

Comment 28 Aug 2019

Been trying to get a bottle of eagle rare for almost a year now, completely impossible here in Dallas. A local liquor store told me that the second it comes in a few people will buy up the whole stock and resell it for 3-4x price. Only time I've seen a bottle for sale it was retailing for $125.

Friggin Texas doesn't allow shipping liquor from out of state so the odds of me ever finding a bottle are very rare.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Every single off season we hear two comments come from the Ohio State beat:

  1. DeMario McCall is poised for a breakout year
  2. Ohio State is going to utilize the TE's more in the passing game

Of these two things that are going to happen every year but never do what do you believe is most likely to actually happen and what is most likely to be just another thing to add to the 2020 off-season.

Comment 28 Jun 2019

Even Little Bighorn was a battle.... We may just be General Custer to the vastly better situated Lakota Longhorns and the Northern Cheyenne Bulldogs in this one.

Comment 07 Jun 2019

Nicknames should be earned, not given. Cardale "Didn't come to play school" before he got the Targaryan nickname, he had to earn it. As far as I'm concerned Day is Day until he shows otherwise.

Comment 21 May 2019

And what happened? We lost to Iowa and Purdue. Clearly if we only had 1 scholarship kicker through those years we'd have two more national titles.