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The Return of the Blocking Sled

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August 5, 2022 at 3:45pm

Listening to Tim May’s practice report. When talking about the new Oline vibe, he emphatically made the point that we saw the “return of the blocking sled.”

I didn’t realize Stud wasn’t really using it. I remember when Jim Lachey was upset that Bollman didn’t really use it.

I know different coaches have different philosophies about using the sled. Im not an Oline coach, either. I think it’s important to develop burst, punch, feel, cohesion. That’s just my perception. Glad Frye is bringing it back.

Just thought I’d pass along this interesting tidbit of info, especially since last year’s line just couldn’t really push people around.

What do you more experienced Oline folks (or others) think about the sled?


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