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Big Ten East Vegas Win Totals

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August 4, 2022 at 12:12am

With the season approaching now it the perfect time to start looking into win totals and for those like me who bet some it can help a lot to look into the entire conference. For those unfamiliar with season win totals you bet either Over(more wins) or Under(less wins) a half game win total exists to stop a potential tie. I wont include division opponents in the schedule.


  • OSU(11 wins)-Schedule-Notre Dame, Wisky, Iowa, @Nwestern-OSU returns just a ridiculous amount of talent while revamping their defense with Jim Knowles and plenty of motivation following the Michigan loss. They are head and shoulders above everybody not named Bama according to Vegas ratings. 12-0 is hard, especially with this schedule, but I dont see how this team could lose 2 games. 
  • Michigan(9.5 wins)-Schedule-CSU, Hawaii, Uconn, @Iowa, Nebraska, Illiniois. Michigan loses a lot of its defense from the best Harbaugh team and will take a big step back there. They lose both coordinators as well. However they have most of their offense back on top of a ridiculously easy schedule. I think they have a 100% chance to lose to OSU so can they go 3-1 against PSU, MSU, Nebraska, and Iowa to go over?
  • PSU(8.5)-Schedule-@Auburn, @Purdue, Minnesota, Nwestern-Good news is a good chunk of the defense is back and this should be a really solid unit. Sean Clifford is back and healthy along with a good OL. Auburn is actually supposed to be really bad and this cross division schedule is fairly easy. Still OSU, @Michigan, and MSU is a tough group.
  • MSU(7.5)-Schedule-@Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, @Illinois-They lose Kenneth Walker, 3 OL, Their top receivers, but return their QB and went into the transfer portal to help rebuild the offense. The defense should take a step forward with almost all of their production back and help through the transfer portal. This should once again be a solid team but a really tough B1G west schedule and a coin flip game with Washington will determine this outcome.
  • Maryland(6)-Schedule-SMU, Purdue, Nwestern, Wisconsin-They will have an incredible passing attack with a bad OL and worse defense. This will be a fun team to watch because of the ridiculousness. To get to 6 they basically have to beat SMU, Purdue, and Rutgers.
  • Indiana(4)-Cincinnati, Nebraska, Purdue, Illinois-They had the worst offense in the B1G and lose every RB, top receivers, and 2 OL along with needing to find a new QB and breaking in a new OC. The defense was bad and they lose their best player but have a couple transfers coming in. I think this is a really bad team and cant find 5 teams who they beat.
  • Rutgers-@BC, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota-They are TD underdogs to BC and draw a really tough trio from the west. The offense was garbage last year but it takes a really interesting turn with a 4 star dual threat QB taking over. The defense should be good with very good DL and a good secondary. However they lost 2 LBs to injury in the spring. 

My picks:
OSU over 11-This seems like a 0 risk bet. They may not go 12-0 but Im really confident they dont lose 2 games. 
Indiana under 4-This is just a really bad football team and they will lose to UC. They will have to go 3-1 against Maryland, Rutgers, Illinois, and Purdue to lose this bet. I just dont see how they could manage that. 
PSU over 8.5- I think they go 3-0 ooc and beat Auburn, I think they beat Purdue, Minnesota, and Nwestern from the west, then they have to beat Rutgers, Maryland, and Indiana to cover. Any upset they have in those game they can get back by potentially beating MSU or Michigan. Real tough to find 4 losses.

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