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Former NFL Quarterback Film Study on CJ Stroud

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May 20, 2022 at 11:35am

J.T. O'Sullivan, former NFL Quarterback with several teams, runs a YouTube channel where he does short Film Studies on college quarterbacks that are coming out of the draft, as well as other things that provide insight into quarterbacking in general. Here are the two he has done on CJ Stroud, one from the Michigan game, and one from the Utah game.

The common threads from the videos are:

- Anticipation is NFL-ready as a college sophomore. In both videos, he points out throws that are made before the receiver is open or out of their break, which isn't automatic for college players.

- Accuracy is excellent. Occasionally, he will make a tougher throw than necessary, especially in the Rose Bowl, but he has the arm talent to make ridiculous throws.

- Mechanics are solid, but he has a tendency to get "heel-clicky" and "toesy." Basically, instead of maintaining a wide, shoulder-width base throughout the throwing motion, he will occasionally click his heels together while stepping to make the throw, which can lead to inconsistency. He also sometimes stays on his toes too much and doesn't get his heels in the ground. He isn't as bad as Bryce Young in this regard, but it is still something to look at. Personally, I have never really been overly concerned with mechanics, but it is interesting to hear from a former pro nonetheless.

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