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All Day Team - Offense

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January 26, 2022 at 2:48pm

It's the off season and I don't know about you but I'm still craving some Buckeye football.  So, I decided to to make my All Time Coach Ryan Day Ohio State Buckeyes Team; The All Day Team.  For this team I decided to go back to when Day joined the Buckeyes in 2017 as Co-OC/QB coach to give me a bigger player pool to choose to my team. I looked at the starters and top stat players at each position to come up with each years players.  As you see I have 2 RBs, 3 WRs, and 1 TE for position groups which puts us over the 11 man plying limit. However, I thought to be fair all these players contributed to the OSU scheme and felt it wrong to not include them.  The 3rd WR and TE was tough as I felt like it was splitting hairs hence the /.  And flipped the names based on stats/impact that year. But some I left off, sorry Austin Mack and Jake Hausmann.

I think some positions are no brainers but some like Center I struggled to make a selection.  Seems to me we've had 3 very good centers so far but with Price being the Rimington Award winner and knowing he was a multi year/position starter (like most the centers on the list) and starter on a Natty gives him the edge.  

Kicker was another position I struggled wit has it seems that few pressure kicks like Ruggles had in Rose bowl. I'm probably forgetting some huge kicks. But recency bias gives it to Ruggles.


When Picking the All Day Team I grouped positions and took best of the group and not limited myself to slots (i.e. RB1 and RB2).

Here's my season break down and my All Day Team:

POS 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 ALL Day Team
QB Barrett Haskins Fields Fields Stroud Fields
RB1 Weber Dobbins Dobbins Sermon Henderson Dobbins
RB2 Dobbins Weber Teague Teague M. Williams Henderson
WR1 Campbell Campbell Olave Olave Olave Olave
WR2 Hill Hill Hill Wilson Wilson Wilson
WR3 McLaurin/Dixon Dixon/McLaurin Victor J. Williams Smith-Njiba Smith-Njigba
TE Baugh Farrell Farrell/Ruckert Ruckert/Farrell Ruckert Ruckert
LT J. Jones Munford Munford Munford Petit-Frere Munford
LG Jordan Pridgeon Jackson Miller Munford Jackson
C Price Jordan Myers Myers Wypler Price
RG Bowen/Knox Knox Davis Davis Johnson Jr Davis
RT Prince Prince Bowen Petit-Frere D. Jones Petit-Frere
K Nuremberger Nuremberger/Haubeil Haubeil Haubeil/Seibert Ruggles Ruggles

CJ may replace Fields, tbd. I picked Henderson over Sermon/Weber for not only what he did this year but what I expect he'll do in the future.  I also wanted to take Golden Hands Hill on my All Day Team but just couldn't push him past the 3 studs from last year's team. I'll do the defense another day or someone else can throw it up. What's your thoughts/ All Day Team?  

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