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You're an Opposing DC. What Do You Try to Stop the OSU Offense?

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October 19, 2021 at 12:22pm

I know that the 11W forums don't want to entertain the idea that OSU's offense is anything but an unstoppable juggernaut hellbent on domination but let's assume you're tasked with stopping--or at least slowing down--this offense. What's your strategy?

I think the only option I haven't really seen yet is completely selling out to stop the run--stacking the box, blitzing on nearly every play. At this point, OSU's receivers are going to have good days. It's just a given. But Stroud has been pretty rarely shaken, or even pressured, of late (partially due to O-line play and partially due to teams trying to sell out with coverage downfield).

Say what you will about the specifics of the Oregon game, but they demonstrated that keeping OSU from running effectively puts a lot more pressure on CJ.

What would your approach be?

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