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Does OSU Need More Swagger to Them?

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September 24, 2021 at 5:32am

I’m a huge fan of how a person/team carries themselves. Call it swag/moxie/confidence/arrogance.. whatever you will. Is it just me or does it seem like OSU has none? Do you think any is needed. To me it looks like OSU goes through the motions, it appears that they are business. Not a focus but like they punching in on the clock. I played sports growing up, and there was always a guy or group of us that were kinda loose cannons. Installed confidence in the rest of team. They were the first ones to back you in a jawing session, would always throw thier chest out with you. They would talk trash to someone if they wasn’t the one that would make a play. 
  I’m a firm believer that every squad needs these type of guys. I’m not just seeing it. In past OSU has had  em. Jenkins,Roby,John Simon, boren bros, Zeke, can’t guard Mike, Joey bosa. Not saying you need guys waving no fly zone after they make a play but given up 500 yards passing. Just some guys who have wil mix it up a bit. What say you

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