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Garrett Wilson Compares C.J. Stroud to Russell Wilson

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August 18, 2021 at 6:51pm

Big Ten Network aired some interviews with Ohio State football coaches and players tonight after attending this morning's practice at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center.

While most of it was stuff we had already heard about and written about here on Eleven Warriors, one segment I did find interesting was an interview with Garrett Wilson in which he talked about all four scholarship quarterbacks – C.J. Stroud, Kyle McCord, Jack Miller and Quinn Ewers – and compared Stroud's ability to throw the deep ball to Russell Wilson.

His quotes on each of the four quarterbacks:

  • Stroud: “He really drops the ball in there. The best way to put it is like Russell Wilson, the ball, it falls on you. So it makes it really easy to catch the deep ball.”
  • McCord: “He’s the hardest-working quarterback I’ve met. From the day he walked in, he’s had a huge impact on getting us all out to the field, getting us to go throw, and that’s something that can’t be understated because Kyle’s my guy, I love him.”
  • Miller: “He’s the dude that’s always out there keeping the energy high, always gonna keep you laughing. Throwing dots and stuff like that.”
  • Ewers: “Quinn just got here, I think two days ago we saw him for the first time, and he’s still trying to figure things out. He’s a little more quiet on the sidelines, but in the locker room, he’s a real cool dude. We’re all getting to know him. He’s going to be great.”

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