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Any Clarification on COVID Protocols for This Season Yet?

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July 31, 2021 at 4:40am

I was wondering if any of you guys have heard how positive COVID tests will be handled this year.  I couldn't find any information and the closest I got was this article on a news site from a few days ago that states protocols are still being decided and also this from Warren:

Warren also said there has been no determination on whether games would be forfeited — as has been suggested by the Southeastern Conference and Big 12 —- if teams cannot play because of COVID-19 issues.

Why the hell would Warren be talking about teams forfeiting games?  This implies that there will be teams that will not be able to play because of COVID this year.  I swear if we have to go through another year of wondering if half our line is out next game, I'm gonna stroke out.  Logically, since everyone on or around every team should be vaccinated, then players shouldn't have to sit out even if they test positive, right?

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